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Artist: Wordsworth f/ Range Da Messenger
Album:  Photo Album
Song:   Until I Win
Typed by: Sef

[Chorus - Range Da Messenger]
Seen some good times, and some bad times
With the joys and the pains, helps the sun when it rains
And I learn to be a man, if I'm ever down again
I'm a - fight until I win (female voice)

[Verse One  Wordsworth]
Sunshine and rain
Usually when it rains, and it's one time to blame 
The young die for change
And their bloodline and vain
Crips and Blood signs for games
New York pose, and Chicago sometimes the same
We live, with more than two or three in the crib
Forget the kids, women spend more money on wigs
Baby daddies only need them for the money that's his
Had to re-up so he really got no money to give
Fathers and sons, never get the bond as a male
Only thing they got in common is a bond for a bail
Somehow we find humor from
All the club fights and court dates
Family members dying from a tumor that they court late
Police patrolling and rolling with loaded up chambers without reason 
Haven us freezing poles, hold and detain us
In this concrete jungle, they hoping to tame us
It's sorta, chocking a stranger for an open container


[Verse Two  Wordsworth]
Nah, I can't quite yet
I remember me and wifey living in New Jersey on our own getting wig checks
Jobs taking piss test
Down to one Pamper
Baying Juicy juice, in the fridge milk with one sip left
Laying on futons
Cold night making heat, rubbing my two palms
Cutting out coupons 
Home with a new born
On the stove soup warm
They saying style from Canaws, fake Louis Vuitton
Later got my group on
Toured international
That's what you got to do, when labels ain't backing you
Residents with drama, wars on the avenue
With President Obama touring the capital now
Some addicted some smoke with syringes and stick it
Mix is with liquid unstable, unable to kick it
No way to resist it, for money no age is restricted
Been to the bottom, got a problem I'm able to fix it