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Artist: Wiz Khalifa
Album:  Rolling Papers
Song:   When I'm Gone
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash


[Wiz Khalifa]
And they say allll I rap about, is bitches and champagne
You would too if every night you seen the same thang
Money wall to wallll, young famous nigga
Spend it all; when you die you can't take it wit'cha
Bottle of Rozay if I'm drinkin wit'cha
Cause most niggaz broke; they bank is injured
Them bitches gon' ride with who they think's a winner
And I'll be smilin in case they take a picture
Uhh~! I'm smokin weed drinkin liquor
Make a hundred off a show and spend it all on my niggaz
When I go shoppin I tell them pick one
Cause they was with me when nobody seen a vision
Always about my business, don't play the cards
I talked to the niggaz who deal them, uhh
Royal flush, now look up them niggaz
and baby girl you'll see us yeah

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
I'm gonna spend it all, why wait for another day
I'ma take all this money I own, and blow it all away
Cause I can't take it when I'm gone, gone, gone, gone, gone
No I can't take it when I'm gone, gone, gone, gone, gone

[Wiz Khalifa]
Uhh, hella hoes in my car
They wanna feel that maximum speed never have an absence of weed
Tired of being at the bar, everything Louie V
Plus the most exclusive treat in my jar
Makin my bank, spendin it all
And that expensive shit you paid for, she had it on
She takin it off; most of these niggaz just talk and cakin it off
Back in the day money was short, I'm makin it taller
You know what I mean, some say it's a problem
Blowing my greens, not saving my collards
No NBA, they say I'm a baller
Live for today, it's not like my father
Hahahaha, yeah!!


No I can't take it when I'm gone