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Artist: Wiz Khalifa
Album:  Deal or No Deal
Song:   Young Boy Talk
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Look nigga I'm the boss, the mo' fuckin animal
One war, one phone call is how I handle you {whew}
On the grind, you pussy niggas hate
bitch I'm out in diferent states bought the ticket gettin cake
Fill my lungs with the best weed, pockets with them dollar signs
run with them niggas holdin glocks like its Columbine {Pop, Pop, Pop}
I'ma star in detroit so I gotta shine
far as Pittsburgh I'm the voice so I gotta Rhyme {Yaaaa}
Rhymen all the time, ever since the first day
now I'm gettin cake like ay day became my birthday
Somethin like an earthquake, the way the shit drop
I be at the tip top, postin with a big knot
You ain't know me hoe, you sit at home and just watch
less than haters, stone cold spectators