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Artist: Wiz Khalifa f/ Curren$y
Album:  Deal or No Deal
Song:   Friendly
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By the strength of the quality weed smell
You can tell that I'm somewhere in the building
On my batman shit
Niggas suspended from the ceiling
Not really
But that's the way the weed got me feeling
Gondola rides in Venice
Mami you got the vision
And I see it HD
And it couldn't be any clearer
You should be with Spitta
And you know it that's your chance don't blow it 
Like birthday candles
Good guy Spitta keep his name outta them scandals
It's not a secret
I prefer my girl in sneakers instead of sandals
Posing naked in only a pair of Nike vandals
Bottles pop back to back
Extra large chronic sack
Cellphone, camera's out
Mama I remember that
Anytime I look at that
I go to wondering where you at
So baby where you at
With it, I'm just tryin' to
Hit it on the friendly
And maybe we get back up in a minute

[Chorus X2]
Fast cars
Fly clothes
G5's flying on the seashores
Get in
Baby I'm just tryin' to hit it on the friendly
So tell me if you is
Or if you isn't
With it

[Wiz Khalifa]
Listen, if you with it
Get in
What you sippin'
Hit it out of the park
That's if you pitching
First you look at me wrong
Like uh-oh no he didn't
Then you turn in to rubbing on me
You start to give in
Get it
By the beach watchin tennis
Crack another bottle of Perignon
Louis V carry-on's when you visit
Sending all them singles in your sidekick sentence
Then I reply like be there in a minute
Just put me and Curren$y on your friend list
The weed come from a village
Truck tire sour diesel scented
That's real shit
From smelling this she wanna see how the cigar taste
We lighting reefer bumping 808's & heartbreaks
Skinny broad but out them jeans she got a heart shape
Skip the movie date and take her to the horse race
And let you bet it all, keep the winnings
Young entrepreneur give you the business
You dig it

[Chorus X2]