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Artist: Wiz Khalifa
Album:  Deal or No Deal
Song:   Chewy
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Yeah, that's exactly what I tell these hoes
A roof to rug type a brother, fly head to toe
I gotta lot of swag, need a professional
And get this doggie bag, there's just some had to go
Yeah I'm rapping, all the hoes wanna sing to me
Do a couple things to me, make her bring the team to me
I don't wanna fuck, it might seem bougie
Your little attitude, probably gotta mean chewy
You a bad bitch, with a couple bad friends
I could let you rock the mic, she could do the ad libs
They say I'm arrogant, nah home I'm gettin paid
Shine while I'm young, balls in the shade
So ya best bet's to hop your ass in the 'lade
Fix your doobie up, and start to chew me up
You wanna screw me, what
Fuck your old man
Gettin top notch with no hangers

Shawty, what you doin tonight
Doin tonight
Doin tonight
I'm all up here cause you lookin right
You lookin right 
You lookin right
You keep sayin that you wouldn't but I know that you might
I know that you might
I know that you might
You see I'm tryin to get a chewy tonight
A good night

And that's exactly what I tell the bitch
Ainít got the time to easy your mind, Iím on some other shit
Know what youíre fuckin with, a young star baby
Ever met a nigga like me, not at all baby
A coach player, I could show you how to ball baby
And live today, cause I ainít worried about tomorrow baby
You heard my song lately, you seen my face around
Now itís you and me, so take this good weed and break it down
The spot popper, shorty talkin bout skating now
And givin brains, let me know just what she thinkin' bout
Burning trees courtesy of my Jamaican pal
And all this money, with all these hundreds I could make a pile
Now I could make you smile
Or I can make you moan
Turn you into my number one fan if I take you home
Want me to break you off
You thinking more about the money
The moneyís what Iím thinking about


It's the prince
Two Two
Two Two Two
This the 4-1-2-0
Two Two
Two Oh
Two Two