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Artist: Wiz Khalifa
Album:  28 Grams (Mixtape)
Song:   Pure
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

You gotta know you break it down and roll one
We like to smoke it for the medication
I'm wanting to smoke one it's the perfect kind of meditation
It's the perfect kind of meditation
It's the perfect kind of meditation

If you're smoking on it don't forget to pass mine
This that Kush we call it California Grassmine
If I'm smoking on that dope I sticks and seeds man
Get so high, I get so high you won't believe man
I be smoking all the time they call me ganja man
And this don't come from the store it's from the weedman
Roll it up don't give a fuck about policeman
Burn a pound look like we're gonna need a fireman
Thought I had a problem went to see the preacher man
Said "Ain't nothing wrong you been smoking gas man"
Even used to get in trouble with the teacher man
He said "Next time you come to school might be the last man"
I be teaching bitches how to clear the bong man
All these plants you would think I was a farmer man
Eyes low, blowing smoke, need a driver man
Even though it's against the rules, let me smoke man


Give a fuck 'bout what you heard I'm from the 'Burgh man
I be smoking hella grass like I'm Bob man
I be rolling hella weed up to his songs man
I be chiefing all day like Cheech and Chong man
I be smoking even though you think it's wrong man
I be hoping that my locks is getting long man
Even went really hard with the wax man
Fuck it, every now and then I take a dab man
I ain't there 'less they let Khalifa roll man
If you can't roll a joint then use a cone man
Smoke so much you would think I was an island man
Told them "Don't need to knock it 'til you try it man"
Got so much OG Kush I could pile it man
Off the boat I get high like a pilot man
Learn the rules, check the pack, 'fore you buy it man
Roll it up, light it up, that's that fire man