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Artist: Witchdoctor
Album:  A S.W.A.T. Healin' Ritual
Song:   Island Koneelalee
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Duh duh daaaa duuuuh duuh
Every man, come to the Island

To the Island Koneelalee, baddest bitches that you ever wanna see
Island Koneelalee, baddest bitches that you ever wanna see

Uh, EJ on a Monday, the day after Sunday
Desert island we travel to, such a fun day
There some girls there, itís like a whole world there
I first saw her dance in a holy temple
To a piano instrumental
Her people watched her every move
I sat and watched, damn, she makes me wanna drool
I want to take you to a new school
The doctorís got a new set of rules
Cool? Smile, shorty got a lotta
And I just knew it, it was something Godly about her
Could it be a virgin, nah
Pretty little Persian looking something else with it
Ah, almost like candy when you bit it
She had a look that said come widdit, I wonít forget it
Island Koneeí, my first time there
I knew Iíd be back, this little chick had some flair
Loooonnnng hair
Iím thinking Iím looking at a Goddess when I glare
Pure thoughts, body, her soul is with God
You see you want to be a part in her life
Make her one of my first wives
Sheíll be my only every night when the moon flies
Explore the mind every other hour
Godly nigga grows a woman like a flower
No more Seven-Thirty-One, Silver Fox
Your spot where your freaky freaks flock
One day I might just travel back to that island
Hope that little old Persian is smiling


I wanna see you in a long T-shirt
But you be tripping, girl, while Iím spitting, girl
Night time, dim the lights, Iím fin to hit you up right
No cost, let me take your long T-shirt off
Naw, keep it on, one last look before I start this love jones
One on one, nobody else in sight
Fuck going to that Blue Flame tonight
Your game is tight, blood rushing to my head
Every time I see them legs, plus them thighs
And I wonít even hide it
Passing you by make my heart beat fast
You sexy ass, with your long T-shirt
Plus youíre real groovy in your business skirt
Itís gonna, gonna really really hurt
When I stick it in, mix it in
On this island, dancers onstage
The most beautiful women of all shades
They here from Brazil, Jamaica, Texas
Chicks with cheese in they Lexus
Like Atlantaís breeze I like em wild
With only meeee
Able to see some shit other niggas canít see
Island Koneelalee
Badder than all yíall skinny models on TV

Island Koneelalee, baddest bitches that you ever wanna see
Island Koneelalee, every man should wanna come see