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Artist: Witchdoctor f/ Cee-Lo 
Album:  A S.W.A.T. Healin' Ritual
Song:   7th Floor/The Serengetti
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Mrs. Rogers, are you there?
[Euneika Rogers]
Uh, yes
I got word that you wanted to see me
[Euneika Rogers]
Uh, yes I did, I a...
Go ahead, please
[Euneika Rogers]
I Have a few questions a...
I love questions
[Euneika Rogers]
First question
[Euneika Rogers]
Where does the name come from?

Ah ha ha
Yeah, It's the year 2000
Yeah, already

Chorus: x3
Everyday we get down
Everyday we get down
Everyday we get down
On our knees

Verse 1:
Black guy, who am I
You know the bullet
EJ, Iím back for these triggers
Now watch me pull it
Somebody's hit
You betta bring the yellow tape
You got bit by a snake
The black Mamba
My home is the trees
My spirit got your city under siege
Iím shootiní fleas
That's the dog in me
We all could be
Fightin' wars
With that Nigga in the mirror
I see it clearer, Lord
I'm a music whore
Up against me you can't score
Where we live in heaven and hell
Land where we buy and sell
I'm comin' for this clientele
Uhh, I'ma make you never wanna rap again
If I gotta snap again
On this wax again
I'm flippin' my flap again
Got me on the streets
Strapped again

Chorus x2

Verse 2:
[Cee-Lo of Goodie Mob]
Itís dim lit
At this table I sit
Constant contemplation of crimes of passion 
To commit
I'm patient with poetry
And very particular 'bout the
Parts I play
The first thing that comes to mind
Is not always the brightest thing to say
Always analytical
To articulate what I speak
Unusually unique
The technique about the price of antique
Considered collectable
Wanted to be received
And related to, so
Itís written respectable
And I was
Dreamin' when I wrote this
About you and about me
About who we were before, who we are now
And who I think we need to be
Paint a picture in your mindframe
That I think you need to see
As - long - as - we
Agree to disagree
Iím a tree deep rooted
Paragraphs are precisely executed
Still when itís completed
Offer constructive criticism
Cause I need it
Um, may God forgive me
If anything I say is wrong
I'm just trying to be strong
And the day is long
But I'ma tell you what I know
I'ma give you what I owe
My life is the test
And I can not transgress
Iíll be held accountable
For the light 
I could have shed
This is bigger than me
Iím beiní led, 
To preach and teach, and reach
Anyone I can
Turn a Nigga into a black man
There's no beginnin' and there is no end
I want to be in that Mamba
When the Saints go marchiní in
So I'm goní, I'm goní, I'm goní

Chorus x2

[Cee-Lo] (while chorus repeats)     
Just get down
uhuh, uhuh
And I will get down
One time you know
And I will get down
On my knees
Check it out y'all

Take us away