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Artist: Wisemen
Album:  Wisemen Arrived
Song:   The Anthem
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

*Opens with a movie dialog

(Chorus) Phillie X2
Money, guns, drugs, power
No, sleep, cold, shower
Remember, when they bury me, no flowers
Just sing the anthem, and-and it goes

Never had a problem with letting them things go
C'mon who wanna dance? Let's tango
Never see me with the same hoe (flow)
Still the same flow, since I stopped being greedy
But I stake mo, you know how long we've been at this rap shit?
19 years, it's F over two steps backwards
So many times we hard fell on our asses
Only to rise to our feet, gotta keep mashing
Let no man separate what we create
And never ran, I can, I'd rather stand homey
I'm a man who can't be measured in grams
My potentcy openly getting you high over the dopest beats
I went from deadly to dope emcees
Since money don't grow on trees
I'm a hustler; guess I only know the beat
And like I said I only fuck with those that's close to me
Only way it's suppose to be, and they're all saying

(Chorus) Phillie X2

It's always hard to put start in the game
A couple of shots now we don't walk the same
It's a hard lesson, but death will be in hard head will do
Even if they say it was you, I'm headed for your crew
Four deep, confront 'em and grab 'em by river and living noise
About with pistols, watch how niggas give 'em boys
Hospital nights, fights in college dorms
Left a guy leaking barely breathing on the floor
If ain't nobody talking to 'em what the hell is he speaking for
Anxious to see the morgue, how he gon' defeat us all?
Maybe his sons will show respect when they meet a don
Happy Valentine from me to yours with a greeting card
There ain't no profit in the city unless we're involved
I'm still hitting Nia Long, we ever get on
With dick so strong, with clique so raw
Be like Slick Rick saying "OH MY GAWD!"

(Chorus) Phillie X2

(Phillie giving out shout-outs)