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Artist: Willie the Kid f/ Bun B, Gucci Mane, LA the Darkman, Trey Songz, Yung Joc
Album:  Love For Money 12"
Song:   Love For Money
Typed by: Theda dot Com

[Trey Songz]
Wah ah ohh oh, ohh oh
Wah ah ohh oh, ohh oh

I got the love for money
I gotta have it 
The lust for living lavish
Gotta get that green paper stackin'
Love For Money
I gotta have it
Love For Money
I got the love for money

[Willie the Kid]
Chillin wit two women
Me & Mr. Thanksgiving
I be somewhere fly
Thanksgiving goin' swimmin'
While you was wearin' snorkels
I was out snorkelin
Of course, I'm shittin' on these ni99as like porcelain
It's more than love wit this money
I'm infatuated
Captivated by the diamonds encapsulated
Shootin' range in the basement
Olympic size pool, a pool table adjacent
I love me some money!

[Gucci Mane]
I stash money, fast money
Come on, I'm pumpin them onions
Buckin and crossin the country
So So, don't cross me you monkey
Sleepin' on fifties and twenties
Rollin' up onions and hundreds
Pullin' in Porsche's and Phanny's
Fancies be throwin' they panties
Drama and Cannon they family
Gucci and Drama they panic
Ughh, they sick, they vomit
Put some more commas in front  it
Drama got Gucci, he stunted
Gucci and Drama, we jammin'
We got so much money
Bout our money, so money
Mo' money dummy

[Chorus 2x]

[LA the Darkman]
See Money!
Money got a big house
Money got a bad girl
Money make you famous
Money rule the whole world
Money set trends
Money is in the Benz
Money got associates actin' like friends
Money Money he old
Money Money he bold
Money got sexy ladies dancin' on the pole
Money got em' on the stroll
Money platinum and gold
Money make em' shake it like Beyonce Knowles

[Yung Joc]
Only God knows,
The things I do for money
That's a young fly bad bitch, a tenderoni
Check out them dimensions
Twenties, fifties and hundreds
Don't she make me look good
When you see us out stuntin'
Ni**as catch a whiff
Find out that's your b*tch
Catch a pusha in your whip
Then they go and push them clips
She got me goin' crazy
I'm coo coo for boo-koo bucks
Plus I can't lie boo, its only you I love!

[Chorus 2x]

[Bun B]
I'm bout my issue
I'm bout my dough
I'm on my hustle (man)
You already know!
I'm hittin' stains
I'm hittin' liqs
I'm packin' pounds
And baggin' bricks
You got them nicks
I got a lab
You talking whole's
But sellin' halves
Where's your connect
How much he got
That's all he holdin'?
Man I'll buy him out...

[Chorus 2x]