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Artist: Willie D f/ Sho & Rasir X
Album:  Play Witcha Mama
Song:   Throat
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Hey, what's up, shit
It's Willie D
A.K.A. Gangster of Love
Oh, me? I'm a scorpio
And, uh, you know what they say about scorpios
You know they say we're vindictive
And we like to get freaky and shit
And that might be true
Myself, I like women that, uh
Suck a nut, chew a little butt
And uh, shit, if you like women, shit, that's cool too
We can mix it up and make a gumbo or something like that
You know, shit
But you know what pleases me most about a woman
If she can suck some good dick you know
Now that's, that's the shit right there
And uh, and if you fit this description baby
Ha, ha, yeah, this is what I want you to do

[Gerome Hulett]
Take my manhood
Deep throat it baby, like a woman should
Why don't you show me how good it can be
Lay it all on me, I want you to
Throat, throat, throat, throat on  (4x)

Verse 1: [Willie D]
What's my name? (Willie D)
What's my game? (R.A.P.)
What's my sign? (scorpio)
Now let me tell y'all about this hoe
I knew this bitch named Alexia
She fronted on the pussy cause she thought she was sexier
Than any other motherfucker that I fucked with
One week later she was sucking on my homie's dick
Like a pro, you know she did the whole crew
I heard that she sucked a little pussy too
She licked my dick and my nuts from behind
Then she ran this line (you know it's my first time)
Bitch stop lying, and pick up your fade
You been a freak since the third grade
That's what I told the little heffer
Walking around thinking her pussy's special
Niggas think she's a square
But she done seen more dicks than Hanes underwear
So if a bitch want to fuck I'll make her holler
But before I nut, the bitch gotta

[Gerome Hulett]
Throat, throat, throat, throat on   (4x)

Verse 2: [Rasir X]

Yeah, it's that big daddy y'all
And this shit's kind of freaky tonight, yeah
Carrie, motherfucking scorpio
I like big hoes cause I like to make gumbo
Big bitch that like to fuck
Take my dick, let her friend have a quick suck
Got a mouth sopped like a mop
When it comes to dick slop, she don't waste one drop
Like to eat and get her pussy ate
In a room full of bitches, she'll masturbate
Big and sexy, wear a lot of lipstick
I like to watch her tongue-kiss with my other bitch
Take her finger, slide it up her pussy 
Show her girlfriends that Carrie make whooptie
And you niggas just shit out of luck
You a wasted fuck cause her fantasy's locked up
But I'm the key to her imagination
When your girl's filling out my application
She have

[Gerome Hulett]
Throat, throat, throat, throat on   (2x)

Verse 3: [Sho]
Virgo, a nigga named Sho
I like a bitch to lick from elbow to asshole
The type of bitch that never quit
The type of bitch that comes to my crib and bring her own flick
She's a freak and she ain't scared to let it out
The type of bitch to wake a nigga up with my dick in her mouth
She's a hoe, but she's undercover
And quick to take advantage of you friendly ass motherfuckers
For the ones who step and don't know her rep
Kissing in public with my nut on this bitch breath
She want your ass for security
You leasing the body, but the pussy belong to me
And when you in the pussy don't you get the notion
That you just a little rock in the ocean
I know you all serious and shit
And you'd probably have a fit if you knew I told your bitch this

[Jerome Hulett]
Throat on, throat on....