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Artist: Willie D
Album:  Play Witcha Mama
Song:   Something Good
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Verse 1:
Microphone check 1, 2
Got my heat beneath the seat, it ain't nothing new
Just picked up Dre, that's my cousin
He got the E & J, so we buzzing
But I forgot to mention that he had a freak with him
Good Lord, he told me how she did him
He say the bitch want to be his main
But she free to let us run this train
Hoe don't know she dealing with professionals
Street niggas that's intellectual
When it comes to recognizing game, we pros
We let these bitches be bitches and hoes be hoes
That's the way love goes when I'm dealing with hoes
I get that pussy like I'm supposed
Other than that, I'll ignore you
But if you're with it, I got something good for you

Chorus: (2x)
Girl, I got something good for you
Guess what it is (what?)

Verse 2:
It's a big fat black long dick
I can't afford to be buying you shit
It ain't that a motherfucker broke
Get off my shoulder, you motherfucking freeloader
Telling me your other man bought you a Caddy
But fuck that shit, I ain't a sugar daddy
I'm just a hustling motherfucker from 5th Ward
In these streets, trying to make ends meet
And my dick is about ready to meet you girlfriend
So put your pussy on the other end
I want to fuck you like a dog
In your combat boots and make you pussy say 'woof'
but first let me find myself a rubber
Before I fuck around and get in trouble
And stop talking about knowing me better before you put me in
Bitch you know I got a girlfriend
You look good from head to toe
But I ain't leaving my woman for a straight up hoe
You're looking for a wedding ring
But I can't do nothing but give you this ding-a-ling

Chorus (2x)

Verse 3:
I'm that nigga who can hit the pussy proper
And make a bitch jump around like a grasshopper
I don't take them out on the town like a sucker
I just meet a fine bitch and I fuck her
But some of y'all still don't know
Hoes like dick just as much as we like the pussy hole
You gotta let her know from the get
That her pussy ain't no more important than your dick
Cause I had this hoe the other night, bro
Yo, peep the scenario
She tried to take Willie D to the cleaners
But when she saw she couldn't she settled for the penis
Cause I rubbed that clit with me index
And made that pussy soaking wet
In the driver's seat of my Explorer
I had something good for her

Chorus (2x)