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Artist: Willie D f/ Lost Boyz, Sho
Album:  Play Witcha Mama
Song:   Smoke'm 
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[Verse One: Mr. Cheeks]
A murder that happened last night, you didn't even know it
So turn on the News so they can show it
A punk just moved off, tied up his ass
I cut his tongue patted out of his mouth
Now, he can't talk
I stabbed him in his spine, make sure that he couldn't walk
That his life is ruined, but I'm not through with him
Cause there's another way I wanna do him
[Willie D] They're gonna give your ass the lethal injection, G
Man, them whores ain't gonn fuck with me
I done kill four niggaz in the hood

[Willie D] 
Yeah, but you ain't never killed a Peckerwood
You when you kill a nigga, you'll get probation
But don't kill an Asian, or any other race on this planet
You'll get your ass fried, got damn it?

Fuck! the man, and Fuck! his plan
Them whores can go just like we can
A motherfucker ain't joking, if I feel like it
(What you're gonna do, fool?) smoke him, smoke him


[Verse Two: Willie D]
No good Pecker-ass Wood in my neighborhood
That's the motherfucking cop I got's to drop
When I did time in the county jail
That punk motherfucker gave me hell
I've told him, right before I went to the pen
That I was gonna see his ass again
Now, he is finned to get serve
Cause all I got, is my balls and my words and my motherfucking nerves
Gotta get him with expedients
A recipe for a murder, now that's the ingredients
I'm about to blow his ass to Venus
Then ain't no bar or a deputy can come between us
This is for the niggaz on the South Side (YOOOO!)
This for the niggaz on the North Side (YOOOO!)
This for the niggaz on the East Side (YOOOO!)
West Side (YOOOO!) and the Edge Side
I got my motherfucking Ruca, creeping up on his in a Cuka
Five MHS for pace
But before he waste, I want that bitch to see my face
Let him and the devil dance
This is for the niggaz, who never got the chance
And you scary motherfuckers who think it's impossible
To fuck off a constable
Right before I shot him
You can see the whore in him, jumped straight out him
See the hawking punk, they think they rough
Yeah! they touch with a nigga in handcuffs
But when the gun in their face, and they're about to get a taste;
Of a nigga who ain't scared of a murder case
They shit in their pants
Like this nigga laying twitching with his eyes open
I had to smoke him


[Verse Three: Sho]
I knew this nigga from the game a few years back
He got apart now he is back from three flack
Stroking like the average nigga down in this luck
He asked me could I help him raised back up
I had to think about the shit for a minute
And then I went with it, I knew it was cash in it
I've funded him a half to get his foot in the door
You sling that shit, bring my cash and I'll fund you some more
He sold it so quick, I thought he gave it away
Slung the half, brought my cash the same day
A hustler, just what I needed G
A nigga like this, down with me
I've funded him some more and a little credit
I didn't sweat it, I hope a nigga won't regret it
I've funded him the shit on Sunday
Had to hear a word from his ass by Monday
And then three days passed with no cash
He tried to dash, it was time to go check his ass
I went to his crib, now my nerve is bad
He did a year in the county, and two in the rehab
Feeling like I got faked, for his sake
I hope I don't have to draw this Thirty Eight
Cause I'm full to the cyst, I got on my vest
If he gagged me, he about to get playing to rest 
I've looked so long, I've lost my balls
Saw Will, he told me where this bitch was
I'm rolling up the street, I'm looking for a witness
Cause if he tried to win then I'm taking care of business
I got into the spot, got my Gat cocked
Walked in the house, he had one motherfucking rock
Smoked the whole half, plus he's talking fast
HUH! I got to put two in his ass
I hope you gave your life to god
Cause your motherfucking ass just moved to the graveyards
Smoked him