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Artist: Willie D 
Album:  Play Witcha Mama
Song:   Niggas Are Dyin'
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[Willie D] Boy, what you do in here in three O'clock in the morning?
[Some Kid] Uncle Willie, I gotta leave Houston. I'm.. I'm.. 
           I'm five years old and I'm stuck in the dope game

[Chorus: Excerpts from Unknown previous Records] 2X
I don't do this part for fame
Getting dirt game, getting dirt game

[Verse One: Willie D]
Niggaz are dying, families are crying
I'm wondering why in; the hell blacks keep looking to the sky 
And.. asking God for help
And when he help those, who help themselves
And niggaz don't fit the category
Cause when it's Black-On-Black we pull the trigger in a hurry
Please don't step on my road-dog's high tops
Cause he will put your ass in a pine box
And if he makes it to court
Don't be surprised if your family comes up short
See you're dealing with a system, that do not care 
About niggaz, and others on welfare
Every single day; 
Another brother in my city gets blown away
Check out the Ten O'clock News tonight
I'm not lying, man niggaz are dying


[Verse Two: Willie D]
Rodney got killed on the street the other week
He was my friend, and so was Keak
Each one had a chance
But they died waiting on the ambulance
No! I won't blame the paramedics
Like Cube, I'ma blame it on Us, cause we let it
Happens, again and again without doing shit
But when the police do it we wanna pitch the bitch
Niggaz dropping like flies
And Willie D is running out of the suits and ties
Going to the funerals G
Staring at the casket, knowing one day it'll be me
I fight the tears from the webs of my eyes
With the family, I gotta sympathize
See, it's hard on me, but for them it's much harder
Cause blood is thicker than water
It's messed up, how they shot Little Dool
He was just a baby, only in Middle School
The Lord giveth and he taketh it away, now that's fine
But why are we the only ones dying?


[Verse Three: Willie D]
I don't go to the club as much
Cause niggaz do nothing but cuss and fuss
And bust caps on one another
Every night around 2:00 AM fools running for cover
And since bullets ain't got no name
Somebody ends up slain, cause niggaz can't aim
One shot to the head duke
Homie tried to duck, but the slug beat him to his nook
Another brother got laid to rest
Came in a Jeep, but he left in a hearse
Now that's the way the ball bounces
Can't keep blaming shit on the Forty Ounces
Cause that goes to the white clubs boo
See, I'm drinking all night and never argue
But I can't go to the park
Cause anytime a bunch of niggaz together, some shit's gonna start
Acting just like monkeys
Getting laughed at by the redneck honkies
And you know I'm not lying, goddamn it, niggaz are dying

I don't know uncle Willie
My mama's in the streets everyday, and my daddy's running that shit
I don't know what I'ma do, what you think?

[Willie D]
I tell you what, you crash here tonight
Tomorrow we'll go shopping and you'll roll with me from now on


[Outro: Willie D overlapping the above chorus]
This one is my little Cousin Hedz
R-I-P, see you when I get there