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Artist: Willie D f/ Lez Mone
Album:  Play Witcha Mama
Song:   I Ain't Changin' Shit
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[Intro/Chorus] 4X
Never gonna bite my tongue, yo nigga!
Man, fuck them whores, I ain't changing shit

[Verse One: Willie D]
Goddamn it I've warned you, stupid motherfuckers
Whose this bitch named C. Delores Tucker?
Letting that lip flop, fucking with Hip-Hop
She'll get her old-ass dropped, to the floor
It's the way shit will G.O.
Cause that's whore ain't no better than Massimo
And even Dionne Warwick on a bandwagon 
Trying to ban rap with her big nose ugly-ass
Bitch claimed to be a psychic, but she can't see
What pay the bills in this reality
Cause niggaz tired of the Bourgeois Cath
Making them laugh, and kiss the white folks ass
That's why they love Sammy
Look like that, the only way a nigga gonna get a Grammy
And because of this, some of you all gonna switch
But me, I ain't changing shit!


[Verse Two: Lez Moné]
I ain't got to change shit, now nigga get a load of this
Lez Moné, flexing on a fat track, bitch
Switch? No! I got to let the rhymes flow
Lores and Mariah can't ?? me, whore
Oh! no, here I go once more
Fuck the niggaz and the high class whores (Fuck them!)
My style is mine, my style is fine
And if you don't like it Willie D got the motherfucking nine
(What's that for?) to split your motherfucking dime
Packing half but you don't like my fucking sag
(I'ma bust some caps in your hopper-ass)
So bitches get a grip, and niggaz jump ship
And if you don't like it you can leave with a fat lip
Yeah, Lez Moné talking shit on this motherfucking track
And I ain't changing shit for none of you motherfuckers


[Verse Three: Willie D]
Eighty Eight, was the year I came into this Rap Game
And ain't shit changed, everywhere I look I see a humdrum
Motherfuckers been biting since Roxanne won
Now, everybody wanna be a Gangster
Even R&B niggaz got that gear
And all that Hizzot, Fizzot, Wizzot bullshit
Get off Snoop Dogg's dick, and push up on your own (Shit)
Come original Crip, before you fuck around with a pioneer
All on another nigga's pecker
That's why your ass ain't selling no records
And my career in this business is continuing
Cause motherfuckers want what's genuine
And that's real not your goddamn run of the meal
Yeah, motherfuckers I'ma be here
Making that money like I'm suppose
And talking about these Baldheaded whores
So keep cracking them jokes about a motherfucker hollering 
Bitch, I ain't changing shit


*Panic Scream*