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Artist: Willie D
Album:  Play Witcha Mama
Song:   I Wanna Fuck Your Mama
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Verse 1:
I've been watching your mama for a long time
And that bitch is fine
Every time I go to her house
She kiss me on the cheek
And fix me something to eat
I know the bitch freaky, yo check it
Cause every time I see her
She walking around half-naked
I'm checking out her underwear
And when she sit down, I can see her pussy hair
And my dick getting bigger by the minute
I'm thinking about the pussy, wishing I was in it
She want me to cut your grass
But I'm thinking about cutting that ass
And I believe I can get them draws
365 cause she passed menopause
I wanna dive in
And bust a nut on them goddamn Depends
Hope she's like you
Cause I'm a make her sing on the mike like Marilyn Macoo
So before you go to sleep tonight
You should know that I'm a be trying to fuck your mama

Verse 2:
Now you can get mad, ho
But you the one had me taking her to play bingo
Picking her up from church, taking her shopping
I was with it but your daddy could've did it
I'm making these confessions
Cause she wearing them tight-ass dresses
I wanna knock the boots and the socks
Hit her with this big fat cock and let your daddy watch
What a great adventure
When I make her suck my dick and knock out them dentures
Don't look so astounded
When I first met her, I told you she was well-rounded
You should've known shit wasn't right
Cause she always taking my side when we fight
And when I go over, she turn on the 8-track
And me and her go way back
Your old man ain't hitting it right
That bitch needs some young pipe
And I'm the motherfucking plumber
I wanna fuck your mama

Verse 3:
I wanna fuck your mama, girl
And have that pussy dripping like a wet jheri curl
When I hit it like a Green Bay Packer
And make that pussy pop like a firecracker
It's hard to concede
But why else would I be painting her house for free?
It ain't for my health
Cause I can make her climb them walls
And take all those Geritols
Whenever I call for you
She telling me all this shit she been through
How she nearly had a heart attack eating chili
And how your pops can't operate his Mr. Willie
She wasn't saying that cause I'm her son-in-law
She want me to stick this bone in her
And you know I'm a do my duty
I had a dream about busting a nut in her booty
And rubbing my cum in her face
And letting that freak have a goddamn taste
I'm a tell you straight up cause I know you hate the drama
I wanna fuck your mama