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Artist: Willie D f/ Sho
Album:  Play Witcha Mama
Song:   Creepin'
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[Intro: Sho]
Creep, creep, hehehe, we're back in the house again fools
Hahahahaha, although uhh.. man I got a pound of weed
Two boxes of switches, a trunk full of brew
And this gas is only filled low, hehehe
Hehehe, let's creep

[Verse One: Sho]
I'm rolling up this lap, got them taped 
And I'm sitting on things, jamming Isle
Sho is straight creeping
I'm rolling by myself with my tool on my lap
And my gas needle's laying on the up
I'm in South Park, cause that's where I hang my hat
I hit the village, turned around and dubbed it back
I'm rolling so low, I'm getting passed by bikes
Stopped in traffic and getting caught by every light
But I'm taking my time cause my load is looking fine
Took a snuff, fire the switcher, and rolled up a whole dime
Windows up tight, I got my AC blowing 
Rolling up this lap on the cooling, I'm doing a little horn
Blowing at my homies, and all the little cuties
Especially the Daisy Dukes with the big booties
Who wanna get naughty, the Riding man is sounding like a party
Stopped by the Ice House and grabbed a Forty
Grabbed the heat from my seat and got back in the street
I'm on the creep

Creeping, got my radio up loud 
Creeping, got my radio up loud
Creeping, got my radio up loud
Creeping, got my radio up loud

[Verse Two: Willie D]
I got some business on the West Side
I got my Ruca and my niggaz and nuts and my vest tight
Nigga, about to get drugged, nothing a scrub
Fucking with the Gangster of Love
I know where he hangs out
So we're three cars deep, creeping by his mama's house
Shoot him up bang bang, shoot him up bang bang
Goddamn, ain't nothing but a thang
I'm loading up my gun, and if he's on the run
Mama gonna pay for what her son done
He should've known when he crept to me
He put everybody close to him life in jeopardy
Now, you can run fast, but you won't last
You rather have a Gambino's on your ass
Speaking of ass, I gotta get some
So I'm creeping to The Ward where I come from
She lives off Lockwood
Beep me every five minutes cause she know that the cock is good
Her grandmother think she probably put her ??
But that bitch will suck the squirt off a bird
She gives head, better than Jeannie Pepper
I got much love for the little helper
That's how I'm living for the weekend
Shoot them up, got a nut, I'm creeping


[Verse Three: Sho]
My switcher hitting right, Ice got me nice
Huh! my eye shed tight, my beeper is on fire 
I stopped by the store cause my battery's about to expire
Instead of flashing low sale
It's time to pick up Choochie getting released from the County Jail
He been gone for thirteen months
Before he left the cuts we wouldn't even smoking Philly blunts
He took a hit of my hooter
Inhaled some much smoke shit, he thought it was a straight shooter
He gave me some love and a little dap
Cause I've done progress from days way back
When he left, I was barely on my feet
Now, I'm on some Daytons and my life is so sweet
I used to look to that nigga for help
But now I'm out here making licks by my damned self
Can't help but respect that G
I gave him a second so he can claim his property
I passed him the hooter, so my nigga Willie D
It's time to roll full, huh! we're on a creep

[Verse Four: Willie D]
To the park, cause in the summer it's going on
Wood bay, the beach but the drive, too damn long
Plus, I'm trying to save some lives
A fool this drunk shouldn't even think about trying to drive
Hit the spot and I popped my hatch
Jamming them Lost Boys, the tracks sound real fat
Niggaz getting their buzz on 
Everywhere I look it's Daisy Dukes on Amazon
And all my boys from back then
Still getting full and having car-shows every weekend
Get some about the clean ride that have them whores peeking
They're down for freaking, when you're creeping