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Artist: Willie D f/ Francesca Gardner
Album:  Loved By Few, Hated By Many/Relentless
Song:   U Special
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[Intro: Willie D]
This is for my.. this is for my.. this is for my.. people!
Yeah! Heh, Willie D, Ninety Nine, time to get mine
You'll get yours too, you know what I mean?
Just cause you live in the ghetto, don't mean
That the ghetto gotta live in you, you know what I'm saying?
Check me out!

[Verse One: Willie D]
Lord got my time while I speak to my folks and please help us all
In the face of the diversity, gotta stand tall
Giving the evil that man do, we must not
I know you're tired of the beatings and getting cursed out
By mama, see mama depressed cause daddy hit the road
And left her, to swing the whole fucking load and explode
When you're man enough to raise your Forty
But ain't man enough to raise your Shorty
Nigga, yeah, look at the shape that our people is in
We get so fucked up that we kill our friends
My homie's sister had sex, cause she caught me blinking
And caught something that she couldn't throw back
Cause she was unprotected, little [?] just thirteen selling drugs
And he'll probably catches a slug before he catches a hug
No love at home, I know some of y'all think he ain't shit
That what's wrong with us, all my peoples listen to this

[Chorus: Francesca Gardner] 2X
I think you're truly something precious 
And your dreams are very special

[Willie D Overlapping the Chorus]
For sure, This is for my people, this is for my people
Only you can stop you, if you fall, just get back up
And unto it but to do it, just put your mind into it
There's always light, at the end of the tunnel

[Verse Two: Willie D]
You're special, let no man tell you different
If he does, hold your chin up, smile and keep your distance
And I know in these words it's hard to find satisfactions
But as long as you're breathing, you got actions
To my people that's become junkies, life is hard; 
But you can make it, yes you can, just believe in God
They gave us dope to try to dick us
Fall in the world of the misery of niggaz, or how they trick us
Let my work set an example; to ghetto boys and girls
And my words be inspiration, for you to conquer the world
Baby girl, you ain't gotta be ashamed cause he raped you
Grab my hand and let me take you
To a place where you can find courage, to go on
Get your self-esteem back, and tack, and so on
And just remember, it wasn't your fault
Fuck that bastard, raise your head, whenever you are
Cause you're special!


[Willie D Overlapping the Chorus]
You ain't gotta cry, I know the roads in life
Getting a little rough sometimes
But you can never allow, anybody to steal yours joys
You believe in God, don't you? - Heh! sure you do
He gonna never get you mourn or even bad, Come on!

[Verse Three: Willie D]
They rather see us in prison, than see us in church
My homie came in a Cherokee, but left in a hearse
I dedicate this verse, to the elder leaders
The ones who sacrificed, and paved the way for me
When the kids, and abused, yet you tucked 
Every step was monumental, now they're dropping the bucket
You could've said fuck it, and gave up but you didn't
I love y'all for that, I ain't bullshitting
Because you stood up, to fight them folks
Willie D, got the right to vote
And I'ma tell you something else baby, if it wasn't for you
We're probably still be on the back of the bus too
Respect is due, as long as I'm on this planet
I'll never disrespect you or take your struggles for granted
And if anybody else does, they gotta deal with me
But dear, even though you're not still with me
You was special!


[Willie D Overlapping the Chorus]
So you see, we can't keep abandoning our families
And wondering why ain't no unity in the community!
If a kid don't love themselves
How the hell he gonna love somebody else?
Children are just like bank accounts
You'll get out of them, exactly what you put into them