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Artist: Willie D
Album:  Loved By Few, Hated By Many
Song:   Lil' Killaz 
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(*sampler of Police Sirens played twice in the background*)

[Intro/Chorus: Willie D - X4]
Little killers, killers, killers, killers, killers

Haven't you ever heard of a killer ------------> RBX

[Verse One: Willie D]
He was a bad ass, because he grew up fast
Niggaz gave him respect because they knew he blasts
Grew up on welfare, his victim set a ??
He squeezed off in the wind, because he did not care
Got sent to juvenile, cause he was in a roam
Went to sleep and the next day he was back at home
He started selling dope, with his homies amity
Wasn't long before they sold up the whole city
They started taking trips, going out of the state
They ain't fake, them young niggaz pushing much weight
Like Scarface; they wanted money and the power!
Your mamma got flowers if the deal went sower
These boys are maniacs, very quick to bust
Taking life after life, after life and they don't give a fuck
Smoking, angle dusting, drinking premium liquor
Law enforcement, cause these crazy ass niggaz is..

[Chorus: X4]

[Verse Two: Willie D]
The kid was cursed and, stole from his mamma's purse
And, dressed in a suit, he put his best friend in a hearse
He went to church every sunday, but it ain't no difference
Because that street mentality, remained persistent
Them boys in blue, always came around harassing
So he hated the motherfuckers, with a passion
Once get blasted, he let his nuts hang to the surface
And when the drama came, that nigga wasn't nerves
Although, he is just a shorty, he looks more aged
Because he seen too much shit, at an early stage
His sister prostitutes, his mamma been a bitch
He killed his first man just because he wanted to
Screw was something that he didn't obtain
His reality was debt of going to the motherfucking pen
That's all he knew, that's how he rose
And if you fucked up, your ass caught welding holes 
From little killers

[Chorus: X4]

[Verse Three: Willie D]
When the shots rang out, he never started running
He closed his eyes and sat up proud, it's like he saw it coming
He had a meanheart, it was kind of weird
When he died, people cried, cause he was still a kid
Now whose the blame; for this child being in six deep?
Was it him, his parents, or society
All his homies gathered around, smoking weed and drinking hennessey
Wearing white T-Shirts, with his name, in loving memory 
No one cared for him, so he cared for no one
Nineteen, in a casket, his life is done
They won't listen to us, until the fucking blood is spilled
That's why our neighborhoods, got so many fucking little.. Killers! 

[Chorus: X4]

[Outro: TV - News Reporter]
A few years ago; drug dealers moved in to the neighborhood
And the streets are now flooded with guns..