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Artist: Willie D f/ Hurt 'Em Badd
Album:  Loved By Few, Hated By Many/Relentless
Song:   Hearse Cadillac 
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[Intro: Willie D] + (Hurt 'Em Badd harmonizing on the background)
This song right here, is for my mama
It's the hardest song I ever wrote in my life
I must have cried a million tears
I wasn't going to write it at first but.. I figured!
If I could do a song recognizing everything else
It's only right to write about the woman; who gave me life
So this is dedicated to my mama 
And all the other mamas that's not here today
Straight from the heart, straight from the heart!

[Verse One: Willie D]
I got a call in the Waiting Room, from the nurse
Telling me to come upstairs cause my mama's worse
I was at my baby's bedside in a flash
But the look on their faces just told me she passed
And everything went blank, I couldn't think
I couldn't believe it, even though she wasn't breathing
And the life support machine was turned off
And the tubes, removed from her nose and mouth
I started tripping and my Step Father walks in and states: 
Let her go son, she's in a better place
And she ain't suffering no more, let go, I won't
I should feel good for her but I don't
Cause she didn't deserve to go like that G
I wonder why the good Lord didn't take me!
But instead, I was picking up the telephone
Calling up sisters and brothers telling them mama gone

[Chorus: Hurt 'Em Badd]
I drove the hearse, hearse Cadillac
Crowd of people gathered around, dressed in black
I drove the hearse, hearse Cadillac
It had my precious mother in the back

[Verse Two: Willie D]
Every since you left here, things done changed
Christmas, New Years and Thanksgiving ain't the same
Without your button smile and sense of humor
And everybody missed you at the family reunion
Especially me, I tried to play strong
Looked around didn't see you, couldn't stay long
Cause there's tears in my eyes from your death
And if I'm going to cry, I'ma cry by myself
It hurts me to drive to your grave sight
And visit on your birthday, but it's only right
I can't believe that your name is on the stone
Buried in the ground, when Mother's Day roll around
Now that you're gone I realized, how much pain and misery
You went through because of me
Going to jail, raising hell 
Getting kicked out of school for fights 
And keeping you up late at night
When you had to go to work the next morning
So I could have food to eat, and shoes on my feet
And a place to stay, but being young and dumb
I couldn't understand it, so I took it for granted
I had a wedding and you missed it boo
My little baby girl blew a kiss at you
She never got to see her granny, but I told her about your spirit 
And if she called your name you can hear it


[Verse Three: Willie D]
Be good to your mama while you're still got her
Hug her and kiss her cause when she gone you're gonna miss her
I wish I could have went first
Cause words can't express the pain that I felt when I saw the hearse
Drive off with my mama inside, taking her for the last ride
I nearly died, cause that's how I felt boss
Putting the gun to my head and blowing the motherfucker off
But she would have wanted me to be strong
Towed tear up, not geared up, and lift my chin up
She would have told me get your money, keep making moves
And take care of your nieces and your nephews
Mama you're gone, it's hard being without you
It ain't a day that goes by I don't think about you
Everybody's saying count your blessings Will'
But they don't know how I feel!


[Mike Dean overlapping the chorus]
Yeah! I remember the day the Lord took you away
It was yesterday, the whole world collapsed
It was like.. all the arguments, and the resentment that I felt for you
When you treated me bad, didn't even matter
You're having problems, with your mama? - you got issues?
Y'all talk it out, call her, go visit
Do something right now, cause tomorrow ain't promised
It won't be the same when mama gone, nobody like mama, nobody!

[Outro: Hurt 'Em Badd]
Never gonna be the same! - no no no no mama
Oh! I love you mama, and I need you mama
To hold me, caress me, hoooold mama
Heyyyy yeah, I need you.. Oh! I love you mama