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Artist: Willie D f/ Francesca Gardner, Na Na, Pimp C (UGK)
Album:  Loved By Few, Hated By Many/Relentless
Song:   Freaky Deaky 
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[Intro/Chorus: Willie D] + (Francesca Gardner)
Freaky Deaky (Ooh! Freaky Deaky baby)
(Ooh! Freaky Deaky baby) Freaky Deaky 
(Ooh! Freaky Deaky baby) 
(Ooh! Freaky Deaky baby) Freaky Deaky 

[Verse One: Pimp C]
HUH! I got some South Side whore that loves to get fuck
Smoke in suites, blowing charges, sucking dick in the truck
When I was walking through the club, smelling like drugs
All the whores show me love cause I'm chopping on Dubs
Maybe in a V12 Benz or in a Rorry
Whores wanna ride for free, but bitch I'm sorry
Fucking crime yellers like Young Gs should
Everything I drive, got leather and wood
Niggaz out here crying and dying over these fusies
Bitches sucking dick on tape, in my Jacuzzi
I'm Pimp C, I'm a porno star
I got a four-piece screen, I play it back in my car


[Verse Two: Willie D]
It's Willie D bitch, now what the fuck is up?
Got the weed and the rubbers and I'm ready to nut 
Now put your butt in the air, and your face in the pillow
I wanna fuck you while you're talking on the phone with your nigga
I'm real up, straight up, I wanna a nasty bitch
That won't hesitate, to suck the skin off the nigga's dick
I spit game to these whores with the hips and thighs
And pants drop, like they hypnotized
I love it, when you rub it in your face honey
It's all good, you make the player wanna spend money
Look at this big dick 'NOT' think about what he got
Fuck the G spot, I'll hit you in your piece pot


[Verse Three: Pimp C]
Niggaz out here be giving these bitches too many choices
I put these whores out on a track, like race horses
I'm twenty five, getting sucked in Rolls Royce
As I'm freaking with the yellow with the pussy that's the mortises
Sweat Jones, the pimp of the year
Rider drives El Dorado with three karats in my ear
And I don't get excited when your girl beep me 
Your bitch just wants to get Freaky Deaky, Deaky!

[Verse Four: Willie D]
Freaky Deaky, Freaky Deaky, Deaky
Just like the faucet, I leave the pussy leaky leaky
Sneaky, to capture me it'll take thirty laws
Black women HUH! I love your dirty draws
I wanna ball all night with a Sassy Cutie
Imitating what we seeing, in a nasty movie
No need fantasize; reality is your wildest dreams
Now calm down before your mama hear all these screams


[Willie D overlapping the Chorus]
Heh, ain't nothing wrong with being freaky
Yeah, that's how we're all got here
Aiy look! I got my little cousin Na Na in this motherfucker
And she's about to represent for the women
It's in her blood so you know she gonna keep it real
Na Na, show these motherfuckers what time it is!

[Verse Five: Na Na]
Get off my Ken-hands cause you're ready to eat
I'ma break you boys off a real nice good treat
Put your tongue on my tittie, and your hands on my thigh
Stick my pussy in your face and give your ass a good ride
I'ma gonna turn over, put your tongue in my ass
You can do it real slow, better yet make it fast
When I finish, I'll have your ass, calling mama
But ain't worse on cumming on my mouth, hollering about no Big Poppa
Niggaz always talking about how girls gonna say out their names
And be the main motherfucker, screaming and yelling in pain
So don't come at the women, with the weak-ass game
We'll strap your ass buttnaked and whip your ass with a chain


[Outro: Willie D overlapping the Chorus]
Ha ha ha ha, heh, look here!
We're gonna dedicate this to all the freaks out there
Get your condoms, get your liquor
Get your weed or whatever makes you happy
Sometimes I feel like a nut, sometimes I don't!