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Artist: Willie D f/ Jhiame, K-Rino
Album:  I'm Goin' Out Lika Soldier
Song:   You Still Black (Radio)
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[Opening Skit: Jhiame's playing Dominoes]
Oh! big six to board
Trails as well, to do anything I tell her
Hold up! you're a youngster don't none about these Dominoes
I put the dots on this motherfucker

- Boy get your bad ass off that tree
 or I'll put your ass back in the closet, again

+ Yo D, come on out!

[Willie D]
Mama's outside, barbecuing ribs and links
It's June 10th, but to me it don't mean thing
It's the Day of Emancipation
But everybody wonder why Willie ain't celebrating
Well, things ain't perfect
I'm looking beyond the surface
So instead of drinking beer, and playing Dominoes
I'm sitting in the room with my eyes closed

White man in the Metal getting black outside 
White man in the Metal getting black outside  
Busting the black man no matter dumb, smart or rich
If I'm not a normal man I'm just the white man's trick
I'm giving the crops so you and your people 
Doubling the power, doubling the wealth
Blaming the racial discrimination when them killing up themselves
Willie D snapped them fast, K-Rino cracked this mass
Black man get the government's dick (Rib) out your ass (Butt)

[Willie D]
Follow me now and see, as I get a little deeper
They think I'm a drug dealer, cause I wear a beeper
Now if I wasn't black, and I talked all proper
They probably think I was a doctor
I tried to have the finest things in life
But when I get them, they'd say I'm not living right
They'd search my car and my house for no reason
Like black can't have nothing decent
And we can't if you think about it
They hunt you down, shoot you like an animal and brag about it
It's like a contest vicious as a 12-gauge
The winner gets his picture on the front page
Now even if you're light, and damn near white
You'll get smoked, because you're in the same boat 
Surrounding yourself, with white folks in your video
Like Paula Abdul, she's a silly whore
Although, you might only be one percent black troop 
They'd still consider you a Mook
But she says she ain't black, now how she gonna act?
Yo fool! you're still black

The Government bucking into me house with them guns
So me rushing and busing and breaking cause me pity to no one
Now me having a Murder Rap cause ?? fit and all strong
Now me facing incarceration in the Police Station
Me wasn't a bitch, me wasn't a killer man, wasn't a wicked assassin
If me commit homicide, me do it to protection
Resisted conviction, from the hand of white man
Now all the tend me hear is Run brother man Run!
Willie talk to them

[Willie D]
Niggaz retaliate, they don't rum
Sellout! you can't trade in your uniform
So get a Nose Job like Michael Jackson 
Go to a white school, and change your accent
You're still back, so how do you think that?
Since you moved out the neighborhood
And dating no Pecker Wood
That you're different from the rest of the clan
Try to get a job, and count how many doors slam
Break them down, I'm throwing Jap
I can't forget about my baldhead girls
To some it's a fashion, to wear a weave and pony tails
But them other ones wanna be white girls
Whodini said: Be Yourself! Trooper
You don't see white folks trying to act black, do you?
So while you laughing at the brother in Dreads
You need to get them chemicals out your own little nappy head!
No matter how you aim to change the way you came 
And rearrange your frame, you're still a BLACK!!