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Artist: Willie D 
Album:  I'm Goin' Out Lika Soldier
Song:   What's Up Nigga?
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[Verse One: Willie D]
Guys get up and run for it
And motherfucker don't try to be Aroid
Cause if you try to act bad, lord have mercy on your ass
I take a Rudy pooh-troop to the whoop
To track them tits to make them suck soups
And your pussy if the niggaz in your crew
Don't get nude cause I'll whip your ass too
And when I get in that ass don't scream like a bitch
Cause I ain't trying to hear that shit
Because you'll slab, smack, trap
And get done like that (*BOOM*) even if you're handicap
Oooh! and if I let the pistol smoke
Party Pig will tell you
I'll bring it to you if you short, tall, small or bigger
So what's Up Nigga?

[Chorus] 2X
Go motherfuckers, go motherfuckers, go! (YEAH!)
Some of you all still gonna try to show off
Go motherfuckers, go motherfuckers, go! (YEAH!)
And get busted in your goddamn mouth

[Verse Two: Willie D]
Aiyyo, fuck all that gangster shit you're preaching
I got something, featuring every one of you whores
So much with that posse shit, talking that cockie shit
I used to be fucking with, and when my bullets ain't launching
I'm punching motherfuckers out like Ray J. Johnson
Closing out like a jap
Nigga, hear that cap, you gotta give me some Dap! (Come on!)
I'm not with the Riff Raff, fool
Here's a nigga with a real attitude
Don't ask me what I meant by that
So when you see me on the corner 
With your whore you can take it like you wanna
Cause Willie D ain't a punk, or a whore, or a quitter
And he's solely ain't a bullshitter
Let's see who draws got sugar, that's the square
What's up nigga?


[Verse Three: Willie D]
In a two year period, I've jumped out of the socket
And put a big knot in my pocket
I've paid my dues, I've been misused these asses
So mother fuck you and that bullshit you're stressing
Read These Nikes, Size Ain't Shit
Yo whore, suck a nigga's dick
That goes for every Tom, Dick and Harry
And any bitch that they choose to marry
And any baby that she blessed
And any piece of shit conceived from that nest
I wax and tax off the macks and jacks of stacks
And run right through their ass ex-slacks
It's like a game of monopoly
Once I get on the road, ain't no stopping me
If Shock can be the C the D with a handgun
I want the license to have one -----> Eazy-E
You see I'm on probation
So I brought one off the streets from a Jamaican
And this is taking from my trousers
I'll have your ass looking like Houdini in the White Closet
You're full of that false courage punk
Sipping on Kool-As and trying to get drunk
Wine is fine but Whiskey is quicker
So what's up nigga?


Come On! Come On! Come On! ~ Yeah!
Come On! Come On! Come On! ~ Yeah!
Runs from a small time called Creeps over niggaz asses
Come On! ~ Yeah!