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Artist: Willie D 
Album:  I'm Goin' Out Lika Soldier
Song:   U Ain't No Ganksta
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[Intro: Excerpts from an unknown record]
To be a gangster, here you are!
Gangster B.. Gangster B.. Gangster B.. (Gangster Boogie)

[Verse One: Willie D]
Everybody wanna be a gangster
Gather up a posse, a crew, and live their life in danger
Get a Forty Ounce, roll laced Deuce
See a nigga that you don't like and you shoot (*Gun Shot*)
Now, you feel important to your homies
Who like you or a bunch of damn phonies
Cause once selling go down, Willie D can't find you
Unless you got an army right behind you
You ain't crazy, like everybody thinks
You know who to fuck with, and who to not, point blank
You might be a motherfucking prankster
But Willie D knows whore, you ain't no gangster

[Hook: Willie D]
Claim to be a gangster, claim to be..
Yeah! you hump niggaz be flexing 
Cause you think your ass got protection
I don't want none of that shit cause I'm ex-ing, punk!

[Verse Two: Willie D]
You ain't no gangster, punk motherfucker
And you don't wanna start for
Cause I'll kick your little bitty-ass
Have your shit knocked ten and a halves
Boy, I roll like an eighteen wheeler
From Fifth Ward to Anchor's Home, they know me nigga
I know the Reps, the folks, the terminology
Raw Food, said get from in front of me
Cause if you don't the streets you're gonna get picked on
You're just might get clicked on
By a bunch of young niggaz that's coming up
And couldn't give a fuck, who they was fucking up

[Hook: Excerpts from an unknown record]
Claim to be a gangster, claim to be..
Claim to be a gangster, claim to be..

[Verse Three: Willie D]
You ain't no gangster, so why you say it on your songs?
Everybody knows you used to get chased home
Bitch, you ain't Fifth Ward hard, you're a whore
Leave the ghetto shit, to the niggaz from the ghetto
I'm sick and tired of you're looking mean on your album covers
Number one; it makes madder than a motherfucker
Number two; it ain't nothing but hype
Don't even know what the motherfucking fighting look like
Except, when you beat on a female
Still and yet, you ain't raised on hell
Cause when it comes to a nigga, you can't get shit
But you look like Tyson when you're fighting a bitch
This is for the gangsters, not your whole damn crew
But don't want the two fools who are true 
(Gangster) You've found deep in a Blanco
But a true gangster can roll solo
Like me, even if my posse is unplugged
I can still go to the club
Cause motherfuckers know, I get down for my clown
And let my nuts hang to the ground
So while you're coming with the simple
I'm fucking up your face like a goddamn pimple
Toe to toe, blow for blow, you don't wanna flow
Now, everybody knows, you ain't no gangster (Gangster)

[Outro: Excerpts from an unknown record]
Claim to be a gangster, claim to be.. Gangster, Gangster
Claim to be a gangster, claim to be.. Gangster, Gangster