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Artist: Willie D f/ Dave Summers
Album:  I'm Goin' Out Lika Soldier
Song:   Profile of a Criminal 
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{*sounds of pouring rain and ambulance sirens*}

[Dave Summers]
What you're about to hear; is a Profile 
Of one of the most notorious Criminals in the world
Given name, Willie James Dennis, also known as Willie D
Age twenty five, approximate height, five feet, ten inches
Approximate weight, one hundred eighty pounds
He can be easily identified by a birthmark under his left eye
And a presence of a black leather gangster hat
Which is known to be his Trade Mark
He was wanted in Los Angeles
For the brutal shooting and murder of two police officers
He was last spotted flee from scene on foot
Your information, could help to solve this sensical's crime
Willie D is known to frequent certain whack clubs
And couple of establishments, mainly in his hometown of Houston, Texas
If you see Willie D do not, I repeat DO NOT try to apprehend him
Call us, he is considered armed, extremely dangerous
And Not to be fucked with!