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Artist: Willie D 
Album:  I'm Goin' Out Lika Soldier
Song:   My Alibi
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Come on! Yeah!

[Verse One: Willie D]
It dripped like this, I got caught up in a click
It was me, Dre and Tee against six motherfuckers
Nigga, went to talking like he was boss
I hit his ass in the mouth, and square it off
Now it's two on one and two on one 
And two on one, but a nigga didn't run
Because it's all about respect, and I'ma get that 
While I'm here if I don't get none else
We could've whipped them with our eyes closed
Cause them whores, was dropping like Dominoes
But then a sucker went to capping
We wasn't packing, so here's what happened
I've took one to the chest
Dre got away, but Tee wasn't blessed
He was hit in the head, as them bitches fled
We laid back, end up red, bleeding like a period
Live like Kane, so you know that was serious
One-Time wanted that others grit
I had revenge on my mind so I wasn't saying shit
Punk motherfuckers, stupid-ass suckers
What the hell made them wanna buck us?
But I'm a motherfucking soldier
And I'ma pay you back if I'm motherfucking owe ya
One by one they y'all will die
My girl friend in the movies was my alibi

[Chorus: Unidentified Male Singer]
Just yesterday, I snapped away while I'm leaning
Without so much of those words of goodbye

[Verse Two: Willie D]
Now a nigga owes me cash
Next time I see him, I'ma bust a cap in his ass
So go ahead call up Laurence
Cause I'ma shoot him in the face with my Taurus
Niggaz act like they got nine lives
Fucking with my money, thinking that is funny
I work hard for mine, real for mine, deal for mine
And goddamn it I'ma kill for mine, and die for mine
If it gone like, motherfuckers gonna learn how to act
Some saying I'm not sensible, I still lynch them though
Cause it's the motherfucking principle
One by one they all die
Die motherfuckers, die motherfuckers, die

[Break: Willie D]
Now, for all you whores who thought I'd be bobo when I went solo
This is your mouth

Fuck that nigga Willie D and nuts-sack... 
He ain't gonna forward to space without the motherfucking Geto Boys
Talking about he be going solo, nigga

I went to school with that nigga
He ain't shit and he ain't gonna never be shit

[D] Yeah! this is my dick in your mouth

[-] Ummm.. the dick is good

[D] Any questions?

[+] Umm shit!

[Outro: Unidentified Male Singer]
Now, yeah