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Artist: Willie D
Album:  I'm Goin' Out Lika Soldier
Song:   Little Hooker
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[Opening Skit: Phone Beep and conversation]
[-] Hello!
[+] Hay, girl what's up?
[-] Girl, nothing, what's going on?
[+] Girl, I got something to tell you
[-] What? girl!
[+] You know that bitch named Kim, that got into us?
[-] Oh! yeah, yeah, what about?
[+] Bitch got talk to Kendy
[-] No! Oh!
[+] Whore said she's my friend and tried to fuck my man
[-] That's my refine to her
    The whores stayed with the BoDagar for three years
    But you ain't even got to worry about that girl
    Looks like she got dancing doing anyway! ha ha ha

[Verse One: Willie D]
There was a bitch named Choice AKA Kim Davis
She do anything to be famous
Suck James' dick for a record contract
And dropped some shit called Payback
Whether the shit was whack, I got proof
It's still sitting in the warehouse troop
Collecting dust, like an old antique
And everybody is mad at the freak
Whose stuck the shorts up her ass to be desired
With no booty, to playing back five
You're little knot neat whore you should've hear
Cause you look like one of Jerry's kids
But you think that you're pretty
Nineteen and you look like you're fifty
Next time, you wanna wear hot shorts
Get rid of them goddamn stretched marks
Cause you ain't no looker - you're little hooker
I said you ain't no looker, you're motherfucking little hooker

[Verse Two: Willie D]
You're little hooker, use some protection
And stop giving niggaz these infection
Put a fan in your pussy, and give it a break
Cause it's hotter than the Musking license plate
And let's get it straight, who's stinky?
I'm stiffing your pussy with my pinky
Oh! what a drag (Clap that ass, clap that ass in Astro Van)
Trans vest dight, you can't fight
Got your ass whipped in the club one night
But Fuck it! - some girls mad, and your motherfucking so-cold friends
Wearing them cheap ass fur from the Swap Mark
That your friend named Tasha mama bark
Cause y'all wanna be stars, act like you're large
Riding around in rented cars
I know the story behind the Rolex on your wrist
Your butt still smelling like dicks
From the trips to all the big fights
Where the trick is getting tricked and the price is light

[Verse Three: Willie D]
Dumb whore, you stuck your foot in your mouth
Now, the fuck-lady slanging her ass off
And it's just lovely
With all that make-up on you're still ugly
So change your name once more to so or so
Cause you ain't Choice whore
But you think you're the shit, freak riding around Houston
In that Peter fast Jeep, so go to hell like the devil do
Cause you can't fuck with the fucking W
And don't drag your mark friend into this (Fuck! that punk)
Cause he will get his ass kicked quick
When you get on, you have a big butt
Sucking somebody's nut, you're sleazy slut
You got all the symptoms, it's in your blood to fall victim
Cause your grande was a whore, and your mama was a whore too
And then came you, and if I dug up the rest of your family roots
I find nothing but some bitches and prostitutes

[Verse Four: Willie D]
Coming pretty good with some things
Bitch you forgot I was the capper of the cappers
So when I see you I'ma slap ya
And make you take off them dirty cheeks fool
That you've been having on since middle school
I remember when your pussy was tighter
Now wait on, so you find yourself a new rider
Change your style, fronting like you're classic
But everybody knows you know your ass is nasty
I went to see your show it was whack
Niggaz started fighting cause they wanted the money back
You're not legit, you need to quit
You couldn't drive Vice to a pile of heart shit
Nappy headed bitch, you will get your duck sick
I won't fuck that bitch with Joe dick
Cause her pussy is stuck with herpes, syphilis and gonorrhea
Goddamn! I wouldn't wanna be ya
Next time, your ass wanna step
Come back with a lot of fucking help
But you still get trash, a low class
Little snake in the grass, nasty ass

We got the little hooker on tape, now! -----> Ice Cube