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Artist: Willie D 
Album:  I'm Goin' Out Lika Soldier
Song:   Go Back 2 School
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[Opening Skit]
[Some Kid] What's up Willie D?
[Willie D] What's up? - why you're ain't in school?
[Some Kid] Man!..

[Verse One: Willie D]
Little man, let me tell you something
Since it seems nobody can tell you nothing
Your goddamn head, hard as a rock
You like to hang out, skip school as your pop
But that groove ain't hitting
Fucking around with your buddies bullshitting
Going to school, just to skip school
You either shit, or get off the pot fool
Cause it ain't cool no more
Just to be the bad-ass everyday Joe
And you wonder why time is so hard?
Can't read, can't write, can't get a job
Broker than the ten commandments
And you got more beef than the mountains
Mad at the world like it owe you something
Well, get red in front and fuck it
Cause the world ain't gonna stop turning
Cause it ain't yearning, for you to come up so start learning
That you gotta play by rules, throw your ass back to school

[Verse Two: Willie D]
I went looking for a job last summer
Found out McDonald's wanted diplomas
I thought about selling some dope but not for long
Cause now fools doing day for day thong
And that ain't me so I reviewed my options
Be an engineer, rap or start boxing
Either way, I needed an education
To not getting fucking out the bacon that I'm making
Yeah, school is a brad, and the teachers sometimes mad
But it's up to you to make it great
Cause teacher teaches ya, already paid
Hate to bust you bobble
But ain't nothing on them streets, but trouble
And that's easy, to get into
But you'll go loco trying to get out bro
You're smarter than Dorothy
Put your mind into it and you can be the Violent Victory
Don't be no fool, stop cheating yourself, go back to school

[Outro: Alarm clock bell rings]
Willie, Willie, get your ass up and go to school boy
You know, we ain't got no fool here