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Artist: Willie D f/ Jhiame
Album:  I'm Goin' Out Lika Soldier
Song:   Clean Up Man 
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[Opening Skit: Some Female Complaining]
I don't wanna what I'm gonna do!
Will, he doesn't spend time with me, he doesn't respect me
It seems like I'm just staying for his convenience

[Verse One: Willie D]
Baby don't cry, pull yourself together
Let Willie D take you to that other level
And love you the right way miss
Compare to me, Johnny don't know shiiit!
I'm in a class all by myself
Get some of this, and you don't want nobody else

So if you plan on staying with your groom
Don't come around my bedroom
Get your hands off the bed poles
Married, went, nearly hit the most
See after a few times in the sack
Homeboy, trends to get a little relax
He starts hanging out late with his friends
Yeah! ~ that's when I come in
But not into his house cause that ain't nothing but a slaughter
We go to my place, forget the room of Thirty Martyrs
Now, once you get your woman alone
It's on like a pattern of neck bone 
And when I call she pretends that I'm her girlfriend
She might call me San or Fran but I'm the Clean Up Man 

[Chorus: Jhiame]
Willie D, is the Clean Up Man
He will sweep your girlfriend, off her feet yeah!
The reason I know; so much about him
It's because he scooped dolls, and all the girls in my hood

[Verse Two: Willie D]
Swept her right up off her feet, and entered the Jag'
Cause you was using her face as a punching bag
I'm not going next door myself neither
But if you gotta beat her, you don't need her
It ain't no thing, for me to be lovable
Cause after being treated like that, she is so gullible
Like a masseur, I rub her thighs, neck and back
And give her some of this Afro-dizyak
Now, what you know about that boy?
You just start, you're still in Kinder Garden
Talking about you got that whip appeal, and all that stuff
She told me you couldn't even fill it up
Yo, don't call me a snail
Cause if the shoe was on the other foot, you'll take my girl
Willie D, is for real
If you don't take care of your business, then somebody else will
I'ma give your girl what she really wants
In the mid-night hour, I'll be her confidant
And when you hit her and make her cry
I'll be there to dry her eye, I'm the Clean Up Man


[Skit #2: Some Male Complaining]
You know that's all you do is complain
I work, I keep the lights on, I put food on the table
I buy you clothes, I mean I don't understand you
What else do you want me to do? - (Just think of romance back, baby)

[Verse Three: Willie D]
You was a big time money maker, yeah, work a hard work
Or whatever the hell you wanna call it
But when you leave, you girl don't miss ya
Because the Clean Up Man is in the picture
You're clucking them big bills
But money can't buy you love, just a cheap thrill
And dyke gets old and abandoned
Now, you're looking for love and understanding
Pouring out your heart about she just had a soul mate
Too much, too little, too late
Now when you come home, your feelings are hurt
Cause there's a sign on the door, it says: Men At Work
Double overtimer's what I stack
You know, I'm getting the job done cause I got on my hard hack
Getting paid, working up her sweat, no customer leaves upset 
They're all wanna come back
Cause they know with Willie D it ain't going to be none of that
Wam, bam, thank you madam, and hit the tub
I don't have sex baby, I make love
I'm the Clean Up Man


[Verse Four: Willie D]
You better shave up then fly straight
Cause the Clean Up Man can't wait to take you place
He comes in all shapes, sizes and colors
His lovers all your aunts, cousins, sisters and mothers
Now, he could be your brother, or the Mailman
Your uncle, your father, and even your best friend
So next time you try to show her off
Keep an eye on the Clean Up Man, he's in the house


[Outro: Jhiame]
And like a fool I thought I had all to myself
Like a fool I thought I had all to myself
Like a fool I thought I had all to myself
Like a fool I thought I had all to myself
And he is the clean up man, he is the clean up man
He is the clean up man, he is the clean up man..