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Artist: Willie D
Album:  Controversy
Song:   Welfare Bitches
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[ 'welfare bitch' 1 ]
Girl, your foodstamps ain't came yet
[ 'welfare bitch' 2 ]
Girl, you're late, I got my shit and traded it in for a leather skirt
[ 'welfare bitch' 1 ]
Them muthafuckas ain't send me my shit yet
But tomorrow I'm goin down there clown they muthafuckin ass
[ 'welfare bitch' 2 ]
I know that's right, girl...

[ VERSE 1: Willie D ]
Dee's about to cold get funky
On you welfare bitches around the country
I don't give a damn if you like me or not
But this bullshit you're doin has got to stop
You're playin the government for a sucker
What you don't know is they're hip to you muthafuckas
Droppin babies one after another one
Just to increase your funky-ass income
Welfare bitch, welfare bitch if you could see
For this purpose, cause I believe
That a child should be born out of love
Dumb-ass bitch, you was only thinkin of
The money which is for the kid indeed
But you took it and satisfied your own damn needs
You ain't about shit, you only love uno
One of these days there ain't gonna be no

Welfare bitches

(Keep away from)
Welfare bitches

[ VERSE 2: Willie D ]
Sit around gettin high and drunk
Waitin on the muthafuckin first of the month
They never looked for a j-o-b
Cause they're too busy watchin the soaps on ABC
You realize it's only make-believe
But yet when one died get shocked and grieve
Thank Scorpio or Lucy or the rest of the crew?
Give a fuck about a po' broke hoe like you?

(Keep away from)
Welfare bitches

[ VERSE 3: Willie D ]
Bitches, bitches, bitches, bitches
Will trade foodstamps in a jet flash
A $65 bill get you 50 in cash
They're the muthafuckas that's makin it hard
For the people who really need the government involved
They have their kids lookin a mess
While they walk around sportin Gucci and Guess
You say you love your kids, that's a goddamn lie
I said it, you wanna know why?
Cause you'se a welfare bitch, a welfare bitch
So is your man
Here's his muthafuckin plan
He don't have to work as long as he sees
A welfare bitch that supports his needs
He get the three p's every goddamn day
Pussy, pay, and a place to stay
You're a sorry muthafucka if you live this way
You need your ass whipped, that's what I say
I ain't livin life with a dumb po' broke hoe
Willie the kid don't fuck with no

(Keep away from)
Welfare bitches

[ VERSE 4: Willie D ]
Welfare bitches can't do a muthafuckin thang for me
But suck my dick, cause I don't want the pussy
You fuck em one time and the goddamn whores
'll get pregant and swear up and down that it's yours
I got the money so you wanna get hit
Don't tell me that you're pregnant cause I ain't claimin shit
Don't try to play me cause I can't be pussy-whipped
So stay out my face and get off my dick

(I tell you, mister
I keeps me a welfare bitch
How ya think I got this Benz?
I tell ya
I keeps on zipped pockets
You can ask your mama there
I always get the three p's
She give me the damn three p's every goddamn day
Bitch treat me better than she treat her kids
You know
Anywhere in the Nickel
Down the [Name], the Bottom
And ask em do they know [Name]
They'll tell you
Yeah, he take a bitch to get the check
I'm lyin?
You could ask your mama
Maybe her son don't know
I tell you this though
I keeps on reptiles, leather, gold
Anytime you see me I'm ridin
Cause your mama bought me a gas car
Think I'm lyin?
Ask your daddy, he was there
I pimped your father
I could tell he's a hoe
He a punk
I go down there and tell em I want this
Then make sure your mama get it for me
Cause I'm the man down there
You can ask anybody who runs the welfare bitches in the Ward
Not this, not that
I'm the man!
Anybody comin down here talkin bout where they from, what they do
They don't do a damn thing
I do it all
I keeps the bitches...)