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Artist: Willie D f/ DJ Ready Red (Geto Boys)
Album:  Controversy
Song:   Put the Fuckin' Gun Away
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[DJ Ready Red]
Yo D man, check this shit out, I got my piece with me right
We're going go to bust a cap in a motherfucking ass tonight

[Willie D]
Man, shut your stupid illiterately-ass up
This what your motherfucking ass needs to

[Verse One: Willie D]
Put the fucking gun away, take a Karate
Cause you don't wanna shoot no goddamn body
Put up the motherfucking steel and chill
Before that high-capping shit get you killed
It's time for your kind to get realistic
Cause people like me making you all statistics
You don't wanna step with that whore shit
Cause I towed and I bought no son of a bitch
That means your mama, your daddy, your sister, your damn brother
Your ant, your anti, your slow-walking grandmother
And any other, that gets in my way
You wanna see another birthday, put the fucking gun away

HAYYYY! if you wanna live motherfucker
If you wanna live you better (Put the fucking gun away)
La La La La La La La La La La La La
You don't wanna shoot no goddamn body

[Verse Two: Willie D]
Put the fucking gun away, I done told ya
You've warned by a ghetto soldier
Whoever ever said they took me ass a liar
Cause I've been kicking asses since my first passive fire
Another sucker desired to follow rules
I'm a genuine Old School damn fool
Sometimes you don't make it to the trunk
I don't rely on a punk, cause I love to chunk
Toe to toe against any hoe
It don't make my kind ending most, so
Put the fucking gun away, is what I told one sucker
But he was a hardheaded fucker
He was flashing a 3-5-7 at me
He didn't know I had a motherfucking Uzi
If he took another step, I couldn't refuse
To put his ass on that 10 O'clock News
He took it and that's all I gave him
That's when I sprayed him and sprayed him
And sprayed him and sprayed him and sprayed him
When for his pockets cause I knew he sold dope
I took his money and that juicy-ass rope
I didn't give a fuck about no motherfucking witnesses
You better listen when Willie says: Put the fucking gun away


[Break: Willie D]
Yo man, I was at this party in south-side of town
I saw this pussy-ass punk, I had to beat down
Him and his posse were staring at me and drinking
That's when I knew that shit was finna start stinking

[Verse Three: Willie D]
I wasn't about to be a bum rush victim
Had to think of something quick to trick him
I went to Da-John and got a dialer tone
Call my tricks on the pole of a cellar phone
Before the punks could get suspicious
I returned at the niggaz with the bitches
After drinking a bottle of wine Irish Rose
I said suck my dick, it ain't enough for you whores
The music stops, somebody said (Get him!)
The first punk came with him, I hit him
Another voice said hit the floor
I turned around, it was chop scrapped down like Rambo
He had the Fifth Ward posse in effect
They didn't know who they was fucking with
Chop pistol with the first motherfucker that rose
Hit him in the face and broke his goddamn nose
(Call the doctor, Call the doctor!)
Damn! we started slamming motherfuckers out random
I heard a bitch screamed (He is got a gun)
I didn't know which one, so I said ?? none
(*Gun shots*) ahhhhhh! that's all you heard
When the smoke cleared, all my boys were warmed
We served them up on the meat wagon platter
It wouldn't have happened, if he had have put the fucking gun away