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Artist: Willie D f/ DJ Ready Red (Geto Boys)
Album:  Controversy
Song:   Kick That Shit
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[Intro/Chorus: DJ Ready Red]
Kick that Shit!
Kick that Shit!
Kick that Shit!
Kick, Kick, Kick that Shit!

[Verse One: Willie D]
I'm kicking this shit for you bitches and whores
Running around like you're twelve years old
Got babies that you've never seen
Cause you're too damn busy, running the streets
Fucking every Tom, Dick and Harry
You think you got them locked, but that's on the contrary
They don't give a damn about a whore
They're only wanna fuck you bitch, cause that's all what you good for
You roll with your tramp-ass friends
Playing any sucker with a Jag' or a Benz
Before you know it, you're at the motel, sucking his dick
Cause you're a fifty dollar trick
A whore with no heart, been torn apart
Buy material things, you think that you're smart
But you might as well face the truth
You're nothing but a motherfucking prostitute
Giving up the pussy for some money
You better be ready, cause dope AIDs is coming
That's when all the shit, that you did in the past
Creeps up on your nasty ass
In other words, you shit out of luck
Cause a bitch like you, had life abduct
Got busted, now you're face is disfigured
Cause you had here nigga, there nigga, everywhere a nigga nigga
You don't look so cute these days
Your tired-ass body looks wanna decay
Now, you walk around like a sag
Cause a nigga done put them things on your ass


[Willie D overlapping the above the chorus]
Yeah, I'm kicking this shit straight up to your ass
No being around no motherfucking Bush 
Cause I don't like his old-ass anyway
Yeah, it's getting closer to the time for me to start spitting some game
To you whore-ass niggaz, that you think you're up in the game
But don't know a motherfucking thing

[Verse Two: Willie D]
Drop the goddamn act, and stop trying to be cool
And listen to me, old stupid-ass fools
I'm tired of your dumb-ass niggaz
Killing one another; over these NOTHING-ass bitches
It showed you ain't got no gain
Pussy-ass perts take your dick out your brain
While you're in jail, facing life to death
The bitch you killed for will be fucking somebody else
You listen to me with a chuckle
But you're gonna get old and a stupid motherfucker
I'ma let you off the hook like this
You're nothing but a sorry-ass son of a bitch


[Verse Three: Willie D]
I'm kicking this shit, at the police asses
Trigger happy motherfuckers always blasting
Innocent people, they closed the file
Because the state never braced the motherfuckers that trail
We kill them and it's a needle situation
But they kill us and it's a paid vacation
Attendants stay there, when I kicked that shit
All you whores, can suck my dick!
You say I'm starting shit, but so what?
I'm down like the ground, ain't no fear in my heart
To every cop on the force, doing my homeboys wrong
Fuck you and the horse that you're roden home

[Break: DJ Ready Red]
Yeah! all you scary-ass whores scaring of the police gonna do this to me
Or K-K-K going to do that to me, wrong nonce
Willie D gonna let his motherfucking nuts hang, fuck them whores!
Yo, we got a lot of Uncle Tom motherfuckers out there 
Afraid to demonstrate against these scary-heads
But I don't give a fuck, cause I'm on that other level (Kick that Shit!)

[Willie D]
I'm kicking this shit just like Ready Red said
I beat the fuck out of motherfucking skinhead
Then I giggle and laugh, and even chuckle
Cause I don't give a fuck about the baldheaded motherfuckers
Yo, to all the For-Real motherfuckers out there 
Who don't take no shout-outs from nobody
Willie D wants you all to kick that shit!

[Outro: Willie D] + (DJ Ready Red)
Houston      - Kick that Shit!
Chicago      - Kick that, Kick that Shit!
L.A.         - Kick that Shit!
Miami        - Kick that, Kick that Shit!
D.C.         - Kick that Shit!
Dallas       - Kick that, Kick that Shit!
Detroit      - Kick that Shit!
Oakland      - Kick that, Kick that Shit!
Philadelphia - Kick that Shit!
Cleveland    - Kick that, Kick that Shit!
New York     - Kick that Shit!
Memphis      - Kick that, Kick that Shit!
St. Louis    - Kick that Shit!
Atlanta      - Kick that, Kick that Shit!
Jo-motherfucking- hannesburg - Kick that Shit!
Yeah, to all my homeboys in the war I ain't gotta tell y'all
Cause I know y'all gonna kick that shit - Kick that Shit!