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Artist: The White Mandingos
Album:  The Ghetto's Tryna Kill Me
Song:   Wifey
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My momma never liked her, my cousins wanna fight her
She stabbed my ex in her neck, man that chick's a rider
But when I'm up inside her, she's all that I desire
If I said I didn't love her, I would be a liar
I always fight with her, off that white liquor
I caught her down at Max Fish with some white niggaz
Bathing Ape dunks, you know them skate punks
FUCK around with wifey, bitch you get your face stomped

I love shawty, she's my baby mama (...Wifey!)
But I do know she a whole lotta drama (..Wifey!)
Did I do right with my pet iguana?
Well Lord, it's just too late, cause we got a daughter
Daughter, daughter

She cook and clean for me, she roll my weed for me
She had I.C. when she was only 19, homie
I got other hoes, ha! But I love her though
But sometimes I really wish I wore a rubber, yo
I'm hopin she's the one, cause what's done is done
I went raw last night, I might have a son
She keep the house clean, know how to clean my gun
Even lied to the cops when I was on the run, yeah!


I know she crazy as hell, but I made her that way
I probably love her tomorrow, but I hate her today 
She like Courtney Love, mixed with Lil' Kim
So you know I wanna kill her on some Eminem
She wildin out, cause her momma got the kids for the night
We had the crib to ourselves, so she started a fight
In the morning, we'll forget about it all and be fine
You say domestic violence, we call it quality time, hahaha!