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Artist: The White Mandingos
Album:  The Ghetto's Tryna Kill Me
Song:   I Don't Understand
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Ha! (One two three four!)

She's always goin through my phone and tryin to smell my clothes
She's always askin me for money like I'm sellin Os'
I'm super faithful but there's nothin I can tell this hoe

She's always tellin me how much she fuckin hates her friends
They fight, they make up, they fight, and now they friends again
She cries, she laughs and then she cries, it's like it never ends

She's anti-social, emotional cause she hates her father
I tried to treat the psychosis but that just makes it harder
Sometimes she acts like my wife, sometimes she's like my daughter
And everytime I raise my voice, she say she pressin charges
Taking all this punishment, I'm like a motherfuckin martyr

We been together, steady forever since Grade 6
Love notes, Lemonheads and them Chick-O-Sticks
It was puppy love, now all we got is dog shit

So then I got a white girl (Got a white girl, gotta get a white girl)
And I never really dated outside my race before (Got a white girl, gotta get a white girl)
But.. I figure fuck it, why not? (Got a white girl, gotta get a white girl)
You know my momma always said, if she can't use my comb, don't bring her home
But now that I'm livin on my own, I'm like fuck it!
(Gotta get a white guuuuuurrrrrrrrllaaaahhhh~!)

Pretty blond girl from the upper Westside
Met her at a block party out in Bed-Stuy
Could tell from her earrings and her red eyes
That this white chick really like the dread guys
So I moved in, it was a easy win
And then I moved in, life was easy then
I could come, I could go as I pleased
A doorman with my own set of keys
But she never could really relate to me
Ever word she said about my race seem like hate to me
Guilty white liberall bullshit, empty empathy
Despite all the pimp in me, I had to leave eventually
Yep.. even though the rent was free
She was into self-hate, she wasn't really into me
What she wanted as a White Mandingo
Big black dick with mindset of a gringo

(You can say the N-word but I CAN'T! How is that okay?)
Mindset of a gringo..

(Kinda feels like a Brillo pad..)

(My best friend was black.. I mean, he's still black.. 
 I'm not really friends with him though)

(Hey~! Do you know a Tyrone Jenkins?? He just requested me
 ...I don't know, he's black!)