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Artist: WC f/ DJ Crazy Toones, CJ Mac
Album:  The Shadiest One
Song:   Rich Rolling
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[Opening Skit:]
[-] This is the old brother..
[+] OOOOhh! WEEE - Who's car is that?
[-] That belongs to me!
[+] Now, here he is ladies and gentlemen
[-] Look at all these thugs
[+] W.C.
[-] Are you ready? (YEAHH!)
[+] Are you ready?
[-] Ladies and gentlemen, a rap Thug
[+] Is rarely having fun.. very fine
[-] Dub-C, Are you ready? (YEAHH!)

[Verse One: W.C.]
To all the Rémy sippers, Lo-Lo dippers, the sack clippers
Zip lock zips, the Pyrex packing shippers
Big head dollar folders, gun holders, with the Shepherd rollers
Peep game as I fire up this Dojah
Show us how the nigga puts down for looking Nate
SC later, nutty eight area
Rap star still making sales for chickens, don't get it twisted
When I retire, I'm walking with a ticket
Mad dogging niggaz, ain't nothing funny
Motherfuck Jerry McGuire, show this nigga Dub got money
In out of town spot, where I can make a profit
With a colored handkerchief hanging out my back pocket
Steady banging from my cheep ass on these fools
Can't stop til I get money like that nigga Cube
Blow my Chronic out the Six double-O on Cruise Controlling
My pocket is so swollen, I gotsta have it, rich rolling

[Chorus: CJ Mac]
Rich rolling, never stolen, heater holding
Wheels rolling, she know it, he know it
Weed rolling, seeks whoring
Where y'all can't hang til you crib to move things

[Verse Two: W.C.]
Sitting and reminiscing about the days of way back
Before the LPs and the Platinum Plugs
When all I had to do is start rhyming at the back stores
Girls sleeping on the floor, selling sacks out the backdoor
I remember niggaz pointing and staring and yelling
Look at that nigga rolling in the RX ??
Bitches laughing at me cause I'm rolling a Bucket
With the prime on the side of my doors, I'm like FUCK IT!
Known someday I'll be that nigga they be jocking
Three years later, for sure it's on and popping
I see the same fools, back stage calling my name
Broke as fuck, looking like that nigga Eddie Kane
The game is still the same, but the players done chance
Cause now I push luxuries on bang to Connect Gang
The Rich Rolling, the Four Fingers up, two twisted in the..
Oh! Fuck it, y'all know the slogan (For Sure!)


[Verse Three: W.C.]
Now I done seen niggaz come, and seen niggaz go
Whack motherfuckers, sheezy ass videos
I've watched them fall up in charges like a brick
Talking that true MC can't keep a real shit
See, I love to freestyle, but if I can't get paid
At the end of the day, I'm like No! Comprende?
Cause if Keeping the Real is being broke
FUCK! this Rap shit, I'm going back to full-time slanging Coke
Laughing at this niggaz whose swearing they're the bomb
Working on their fourth albums still living with moms
Three Strikes you're out, pack your shit and shake
Stick to Flipping Burgers and making Mixtapes
Cause if 'It Don't Make Dollars, It Don't Make Sense'
And apparently them freestyles, ain't paying the Rent
So I'ma let you other motherfuckers keep on roll broken
And in the meanwhile, Dub-C gonna keep on rich rolling

[Outro: DJ Crazy Toones Scratching quote from 'West Up!']
Connect Gang.. Connect Gang.. Yeah, Uhh.. Crazy Toones
So busters be wary cause see we represent.. represent.. WESTSIDE!!
So busters be wary cause see we represent.. representing this.. WESTSIDE!!