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Artist: WC f/ DJ Crazy Toones
Album:  The Shadiest One
Song:   The Outcome
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[Intro: DJ Crazy Toones]
Play that beat nigga, play the beat nigga
Play that beat nigga
This year, is shady as weird, for the niggaz here
Through that nearest ear, for the near year

[W.C.] What's cracking nigga?
[C.T.] Get up the deal nigga
[W.C.] What's cracking nigga?
[C.T.] I just peed on that year, nigga
[W.C.] What's cracking nigga?
[C.T.] I just peed on that year, nigga
[W.C.] Another album
[C.T.] We'll see you, nigga
[W.C.] Another album, nigga
[C.T.] We'll see you, nigga
[W.C.] The last one, nigga ever
[C.T.] Aiy, The Shadiest one
[W.C.] The last one, nigga
[C.T.] The Shadiest one
[W.C.] This is the last one, nigga
[C.T.] The Shadiest year
[W.C.] We don't steal, nigga
[C.T.] The Shadiest year, nigga

What's cracking
I wanna say what's happening to all my niggaz out there who was down from day one
All the haters out there (Fuck Y'all!)
All the haters out there (What's up?!)
I wanna thank all the haters out there (What's up nigga?!)
For NOTHING nigga, for NOTHING nigga, NOTHING nigga

[DJ Crazy Toones] Nothing, y'all do shit

Not a motherfucking thing for me, but it's aiight though nigga
I wanna say what's cracking to the whole Westside Connect Gang (What's up nigga?)
Connect Gang OGs (WSCG) Oh yeah, checking the cheese
They don't steal, that's right nigga
All my good red bitches out there, 5-10, 5-10 2-20 was close on their thighs
Rolling on buckets like FUCK IT! you know

[DJ Crazy Toones] That's right, they buy records too

That's right, all the pretty bitches out there
Too pretty in motherfucking suck dick, eat a dick bitch
For all the sucking nuts, all in them guts, it's going down
Dub-C nigga, UHH, Dub-C nigga, Dub-C nigga, Yeah
All you niggaz out there that's like FUCK that nigga right now
That's right, fuck you too nigga, yeah!
All my worldwide niggaz, all my real niggaz worldwide, worldwide niggaz
I don't give a fuck what you from, nigga
I don't give a fuck where you from, nigga
All my real niggaz worldwide (Ladies and gentlemen)
All I ever wanted to do is make music for my street niggaz
For my street niggaz, Fuck the Bitch niggaz
Strictly my worldwide niggaz (Chickie chickie Ladies and gentlemen)
This is for y'all, Dub-C, yours truly nigga
The Shadiest One!

[Outro: DJ Crazy Toones]
This beat bumping, that shit is bumping, loc
Chickie chickie Ladies and gentlemen
Let it ride, Chickie chickie, uhh!
Ladies and gentlemen