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Artist: W.C. f/ DJ Crazy Toones, Tracy Nelson
Album:  Revenge of the Barracuda
Song:   Walking In My Taylors
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[C.T.] I'm Banged out like the tongue on my chucks
[W.C.] West, west, west, west, y'all 
[W.C.] Yeah, Hit them again ~ hey! 
[T.N.] Now Dub-C, Show them What tiiiime it is

[Verse One: W.C.] 
It ain't hard to figure it out 
Dub-C y'all, what's all the bickering about 
Lench Mob nigga, throw rocks, duck and dis us 
Niggaz say fuck us, but ain't fucking with us
Y'all don't wanna see me like Medusa 
We're getting moolah, can't barricade the Barracuda 
Take my legs from me, look around and I'll be still there 
Like Michael Conception counting money in my wheel chair
All day, every day, roll it up, celebrate 
Have you niggaz ever figure me? - I'm pimping separate 
I'm trifle, psycho, loaded like a rifle 
Nigga I could do this in my sleep with my eyes closed
You're rocking with a G on the west 
I know a nigga this grown shouldn't be so fresh 
But I do this for my true fans who made me 
So if you ain't a fan, I could give a fuck if you play me 
Cause I'm..

[Chorus: W.C.]
Hood famous, I'm getting paper 
And won't change up, walking in my Taylors
Fuck haters, I'm getting paper 
Throwing my dub up, walking in my Taylors
Hood famous, big swinging
Lench Mob claiming, walking in my Taylors
Fuck haters, I'm getting paper 
Throwing my dub up, walking in my Taylors

[Verse Two: W.C.]
Hood nigga forever 
Put a dub in the game, still surviving the weather 
And I done seen it all (Seen it all?)
That's why fuck with a chosen few, and keep my back up against the wall 
Cause y'all niggaz act like you never diced for the chippers 
Acting like you got a pussy up under that zipper 
But me, to the script, I'm sticking when I walk 
Going keep, keeping it raw, cut from a different cloth 
Made money, lost money, got it back touch 
Plaques crip walk had the whole world on my nutsack
Lead spitter, bread winner, red getter, ran through a lot of figures 
Holler at a lot of niggaz, stayed true, never sold out 
Kept it tight y'all, now I'm hearing bitch motherfuckers gonna write me off 
Nobody feeling them I guess so
Catch you niggaz in the line at my next show 
Cause I'm..


[Verse Three: W.C.]
Cadillac tinted, been in it for a minute 
Mother fuck a gimmick, it's the west side defended 
And while you other niggaz mimic I really live it 
And push it to the limit, fly like a G5 
A Cali nigga with the N.Y. to the side of my head like Ely 
In my slingshot of Levis 
Rolling on Sunset with dope in my car like T.I. 
Itching, to put you in a box like a mortician 
With the courtesy is out to George Clinton 
Fuck a love song, slugs is thrown
And I been with it since popping with the white gloves on 
Walking in the function, Picking up the Henn'
Looking for something to take home and stick something in 
Dub Sizzlean pumping in your hole like gasoline 
If you're looking for it, I got what you need
Cause I'm..


[W.C.] Yeah boy, oh! shit
[W.C.] These motherfuckers is gonna be right tonight
[T.N.] Goddamn nigga, how much starch you're gonna spray on the motherfucker?
[W.C.] Enough til these motherfuckers stand up by their self
[T.N.] Nigga, you're crazy..