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Artist: WC f/ DJ Crazy Toones, Double E
Album:  Ghetto Heisman
Song:   Highlight Reel (Intro)
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(*Helicopter propeller turning with L.A.P.D Sirens Samples*)

* WC Adlibs what subscribed between the brackets (--)

[Double E]
From the heart of the South Central
Western Avenue's finest
Years of grinding, bending corners on Dayton-as
Started off with a Low Profile
Bailing through Swap Meets with no security
Caught in a Maad Circle
Forced to Curb Serve (What they're hitting for?)
West Side connected to get in his Cheddar (CHING CHING!)
C-walked for more yards than O.J. Simpson (Skip Skip!)
Known to hit a whore with quickness (Bend Over!)
And the hood rat

[DJ Crazy Toones]

[Female Voice]

[Double E]
Smashing on marks and weedy ass busters (*Gun Shot*)
Bandanna swinging, and skip-skipping incorporated
I present to you.. Dub-C
The Ghetto motherfucking Heisman
Bail on Dub, Bail on!

(*Audience gave up a great round of applause*)