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Artist: W.C. f/ Black Chill, DJ Crazy Toones
Album:  Ghetto Heisman
Song:   Get Out
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[Verse One: W.C.]
Who wanna roll with the real nigga? - itchy finger, wine hitter
Waiting at the back of the club sipping liquor with Don figures
Diamonds on my bedazzles and bandannas is my apparel
Trying to take these whores to the next level
Just off on parole, pocket full of dough
Blowing Blueberry in V.I.P with X.O.
I know it's hard to believe, you ain't never seen a rider
With so many rocks in this flea color (BLING! BLING!)
The ghetto Michael Jordan of Rap penetrating
Stepped up away from the game and came back like retaliation
Now it's on til they bury me (COME ON!!) Get them up, hit them up
Back balling for life, living it up
Used to wear a Ski Mask where the cash be
Now I'm 'Rich Rolling' with girls, riding this black Ashy
It's 'Cash Over Ass' - you know what I'm saying?
They need to bending over, I'm paying

[Chorus: Black Chill and DJ Crazy Toones X2]
[Black Chill] If we ain't fucking tonight, if we ain't fucking tonight
[Black Chill] If you ain't sucking tonight, if you ain't sucking tonight

[Verse Two: W.C.]
Love me or love me not, Dub gonna stay on the tattle
Making Chicken Heads swallow
I know all of y'all trying to get paid for the Sex play
But I see through these jams like X-Ray
Swerving on the highway with the knight vision
From South Central to Down South that's my mission
On my way to the Strip Club to spend a little bit
Don Bacardi, Party and Bullshit
Chop dirty money on the Wood Grave with my out of town players
Cause Game Recognize Game, chasing cheese
Lacing up pieces of presidential with sweet hits
Switching whores like leases, all weekend
Got them tricks spreading them ass-cheeks and
Box Springs and Mattress is squeaking; Pimps up, whores down
And if you ain't fucking, don't bring your ass around

[Chorus: Black Chill and DJ Crazy Toones X2]

[Verse Three: W.C.]
Yeah, roll that shit, light that shit
Throw that there, Bitch! put something in the air
I got more humps and four pumps to make your crew jump
Eight times, threw in the chumps
Anti pretty nigga, greedy nigga - Fuck the industry nigga
Roll my penitentiary Tennessee nigga in jail clothes
With balls big as shell toes
Trying to see naked butt assholes and elbows
Out for Skrilla, pimp the game like a gorilla
Still a banger, lap dance nipple filler (Nigga)
Loaded, Arm One, squatting down low and taking flicks
Correctional Facility posing, came up the hard route
But now I'm hood Start-out
Pull a card out, we're about to buy the pour-out
Drunk a lot, touched the cot
Bitch! we ain't play with it, we just fuck a lot

[Chorus: Black Chill and DJ Crazy Toones X2]

[Black Chill]