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Artist: WC and the MAAD Circle
Album:  Ain't a Damn Thing Changed
Song:   A Soldier's Story
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[M.L. Davis]
UHH! like I said before y'all, this ain't nothing but modern day slavery
So Mr. Chief of police, you gotta excuse my handwriting 
But like I told your ass before; I wrote this motherfucker with a broken hand
It ain't nothing but a complaint to let the whole world know
This is what goes on behind closed doors

[Chorus: Dawn Silva, Jackie Simley]
The policemen are your friends
They're here to protect and serve
But as long as you're white then you're alright 
And you won't get beat to the curb

[M.L. Davis]
Yeah, you know, like, uhh.. I'm a.. you know, it's just me against the man
You know; the man, he, you know, he, he gonna lock me up so who I got to cry to?
Who? I mean who really cares?
You do your thing they hear about it
And society really cares about what the man do to me, inside these prisons
So who do I cry to?
So I do my time, you know, he can't lock me, I figured like this;
He just can't lock me up forever
I know I can't do no full life sentence in a cell twenty three hours a day
What.. what about me? you know, I got one eye
Somebody shot me at point blank range, shot my eye out
With a dart, somebody shot me here, you know what I'm saying?
Though all these people were just trying to kill me; 
But I ain't never went to the.. 
I ain't never went to the man of the police to say:
Aiy uhh.. uhh.. uhh.. arrest this dude cause he done did this to me
Or arrest that dude cause he done did that to me..

So here we go with another one; another track to flow with
Eradicate the snakes and fakes and I wrote this
Original particular song to quest your break
Cause beefing emcees get flame like steaks
Yo, I took time to sit back and watch this whole scenery
Seeking to move the feet
Yo, but now I'm back with this track with a trap 
To attack, yo G, double the hit with a gasp
This ain't the type of party that you're used to reading about
Breath snatching only through the fights and shoot outs
So get your crew out
I'm on a mission to flow, but yo
I represent the crew, the MAAD Circle
So pop this cassette in your deck
And make way for the new sound politic jacked from your crown
Leaving stains on your brain, simple and plain
And like I told you before, ain't a damn thing changed!

[Outro: W.C.]
Yeah, and I wanna say what's up to my homeboy behind the boards y'all
Who made this motherfucker possible 
And made this motherfucker flyer than the last one ever was
He go by the name of Sir Jinx, y'all
I wanna say what's up to my homeboy from the old school
Coolio with the motherfucking flow
Aiyyo, I wanna say what's up to DJ Crazy Toones
Big Gee, TC, Ice Cube, Chilly Chill
Keke, thanks for the records homie
What's up P? Pilly Boy, Spoony C
The rest of the MAAD Cirle's in this motherfucker
The MAAD Circle's deep y'all, we out of here