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Artist: W.C. and the Maad Circle
Album:  Ain't a Damn Thing Changed
Song:   Intro
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[Intro: DJ Crazy Toones]
Check this shit out! Ha ha
Oh shit, coming at your ass again, I like this shit
That motherfucker is coming back
You know he is got that main bitches
Y'all know who I'm talking about
Start this shit

[DJ Aladdin]
At this time I have the honor to present to you.. Low Profile!

[Over Voice]
Yeah yeah, aiy next up
Aiy man, ain't no more Low Profile bitch

[DJ Crazy Toones]
Aiyyo Jinx, we need find Dub on this

[Sir Jinx]
Ha ha ha, oh yeah!
People didn't think, we was gonna come back hard like this one
Aiy Coolio, we're gonna let W.C. drop some shit on this one

Yeah, it's nineteen ninety seven y'all
And ain't a DAMN thing changed
Unemployment is at an all time high
And living in L.A. is like death row you're bound die
It ain't nothing but modern day slavery
It just now done changed from Whips to Billy Clubs
And you better watch it, cause you might get stub
Motherfucker, yeah, so what am I do is just kick back..

[Outro: Sir Jinx]
Aiy wait wait, hold up Dub!
Why don't you tell these motherfuckers right here
How you really feel?