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Artist: W.C. and the Maad Circle
Album:  Ain't a Damn Thing Changed
Song:   Caught in a Fad
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[Verse One: W.C.]
Yo, and you don't stop, and then I say check one two
Now here's a little something put together by the W
This ain't nearly half, but it's funky as it get you
You said you wanna dance, but I don't think that you can handle it
Now, maybe if I made this lyric simple and plain
They play me on the Radio and put me on Soul Train
Uhh.. I'll get a seat next to Donnie Simpson on BET
And then I'm most, be respected as an Emcee
(Caught in a Fad!)  hell no, I see these other brothers
Wearing flower chucks and flat tops on their album covers (So?)
One day they wear black pants, the next they're wearing Khakis and Baggies
Buster I say you're looking taggies
Now everybody wanna be a gangster
Pretending to be a killer but you're nothing but a prankster
Take a close look and you're nothing but a faker
Sold a couple of records, now you're claiming a Money Maker
Dress like a G, but you're nothing but a buster
That's why we're in the Circle cause the madness is getting stretcher
Yo, the situation is getting sticky, your crew is looking bad
Another Studio Gangster ~ has caught in a Fad


[Verse Two: W.C.]
Now all of a sudden, everybody is on the knowledge tip
So here's another rhyme to keep in your mind - aiyyo trip
I once had a homie by the name of Shaka Bulu
What he said uhh.. well, I forgot but anyway
Selling his sis' y'all, faking Jamaican
He was running the Pork game, was smelling like bacon
Huh, he kept telling me and my homies about his revolution
But man I was sort of confused, see..
Before he grab the hold of his good book to preach
You can find him at the Strip bar looking for freaks
Yo, one day he toasted up Forties and next
He was all trying to play Mr. Malcolm X
He tried to tell me that he was a vegetarian
Now tell me who waste 380 over fruits and berries?
I knew he ate meet and so game was lie
Cause I've seen him with a Burger at Times on the Eastside
Popping that Too Black, Too Strong
But he was the first to get the Dice Game going on (Going On)
He kept saying respect your Queen
Yo, but his girlie wasn't black, if you know what I mean
Picture this: Blind hair with the light blue eyes
Skin paler than a frozen pack of Springs filled French Fries
And he was known for tripping and contradicting
And running off his lip, instead of up lifting
Went to see Ferrikhan once in his life
Now he carries a sword and wears Dashikis at night
But in the day Tomie is back to his same old ways black
Standing on the corner hustle, and slanging that crack
Proud to be black in February, he pumping his fist
Come around March, now he goes to the whites
Playing with religion, that was started at an early age
That when you're perpetrating man, you're digging your own grave
Yo, so I've sent this to sneak in the grass tripping
That's caught in a Fad, now peep..
Now everybody wanna be a Muslim
But faking and shaking and perpetrating and you get no action
Hustling about drugs, getting busted at the Dope Spot
Claiming that you're catching but you're sucking on the Pork Shop
Tripping activator on your African medallion
Hanging it with the Joneses, won the latest faction
Yo, so if you know somebody like this
Who gotta have it, a flying ?? bad
You shot him off cause he caught in a Fad