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Artist: W.C. and the Maad Circle
Album:  Ain't a Damn Thing Changed
Song:   Back to the Underground
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[Intro: DJ Crazy Toones inserting quotes below]
What we're gonna do now is go back!
Back.. back.. back.. back to the.. Underground! -----> Shock G

Now here we go, here we go, here we go, here we go
With the Chrome .44 pointed right at your tempo
W.C. - the funkiest of the funkiest
Others say they're funky; but they just can't fuck with this
MC - the lyricist of the mass and the posse (YEAH!)
Stepping in the house; with the stomped black Khakis
And if you thought I fell off you better step off or else getting toss
I'm bucking up these MCs, Rappers are coming in stacks and packs
But on the real; most of y'all ain't saying jack (YEP!)
But the same old, same old, so what you got a little fame!
(Dig a dam) what's up with this Rap Game?
Seems like you gotta be whack or even super Bootylicious to get paid
I gotta wear Fade
I guess I'll be a broke motherfucker with the dollar to my name
Cause I ain't crossing over the fame (Hell No!)
They keep telling me to stop
Hold Up Will! - be patient and you will get a break (OOOHH!)
HUH! - How long am I supposed to wait? (YEAH!)
I waited the last album in case show
And still the only place that I got was being broke
So now I'm sending storms out the 12 gauge
Taking over a million and one ways for me to get paid
Cause I ain't bumping the japing on bandwagon to get a funny haircut
Or in the dancing to shake his butt
Cause y'all; I rather go down in a book
Known as a brother who ripped clubs, extorting like the Rented Cops
Mad than a motherfucker, sipping on a Forty ounce
I'm going back to the Underground

Dangerous down dope wicked is my delivery
Kicking dope lyric, the funk is my specialty (WORD!)
If Rap was Karate, I will be Bruce Lee
How can I loose with the Circle all around me? (DAMN!)
Rap is evolution; you don't know the solution
No mid thorough illusion, which path that you're choosing
So wide and crooked; on a straight narrow
Would you swoon like an eagle or die like a sparrow?
Take a good real look at the words in your rhyme
They call their filthy quote lyrics as syllables and hooks
Strictly on the real kidnap, when you wanna dip
With a Kenwood mic and you still can't fuck with it
Punks move over, your time is over (HUH YEAH!)
When it comes to Rap, I got a chip on my shoulder
Draw line on the stage and jet you the crosser
Stand you on the X; and drop like a mega lift
Unconsidered, not legit, illiterate
Tip big rhymes, coming off like a nitwit (YEAH!)
Telling Loud to get paid, and spinning out to get laid (WHAT?!)
Smoking cocaine and bud; just to say no gain
Role Model citizen is nothing but a victim
I get loose like Pit' when Toones say (Sick them)

[Break: DJ Crazy Toones scratching quotes below]
I wanna know; who's you?
All time crazy! - DJ

Round for round, pound for pound, check the sound
Fuck the radio, we're going back to the Underground!

[Break: DJ Crazy Toones scratching quote below]
Back to the days of.. Underground! ----> Shock G

Yo, now if I kicked this last verse the radio may try to ban it (YEAH!)
And if you ain't broke, you wouldn't understand it
Cause we made it for the underground crowd to get into
There's so many more stored (so check the menu)
Go get the album, we kick that kind of shit that done so funky
Flashbacks surrendering the doom with the bomb

Yo, natural factual, lyrical miracle power on plastic cuts
From two funky individuals (YEAH!)
The funky arrogant, the dope boy's sound
Who comes first sucker? (WORD!)
The Circle is on the pigeons' moms

[W.C.] Striking them down, locking them up on a whack pound
[Cool] Watch the tears of the clown, fall to the ground
[W.C.] With swiftness, don't forget this, cause we're gifted (WORD!)
[Cool] How do we punch is like flour get sifted
[W.C.] And if you're looking for trouble G, the trouble you found
[Cool] Do some dirt and make a get away
[W.C.] And take it where?
[Cool] And go back to the underground

[Break: DJ Crazy Toones scratching quotes below]
Underground.. Underground ---> Shock G
Radio -----------------------> Chuck D
Underground -----------------> Shock G

Yeah, the M-double-A-D, C-I-R-C-L-E is definitely in the house
I wanna give the shouts to DJ Crazy Toones, Jazzy D.
Big Gee, Jinx, Chilly Chill, Wesley, my home girl Dango T-I Jeff
And Coolio; who you want to give the shout-outs to?

I wanna give a shout to my homeboy Billy Boy, my homeboy Spoony C
My homeboy Malik, my homeboy BS the Terror
My homeboy DJ Crazy motherfuckering Toones in the house
You know what I'm saying?

The Maad Circle is out of here, keep it funky y'all!