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Artist: Wale f/ Hit Boy
Album:  Folarin Mixtape
Song:   The Right One
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Whether it's your broad or your niggaz
Just make sure you know what I'm sayin'
You always surround yourself by the right variety

Those niggaz, yo niggaz, hope them niggaz real as mine
Those niggaz, yo niggaz, hope them niggaz real as mine

And I walk light, like rolled ankles and don't save 'em
A couple blunts got me buzzin' like multiple hit singles
Rose from out the pavement, assaulted by nature
Now these jokers hate me like I posterize a Laker
Ok Folarin ain't a house nigga
It's real in the field, ain't dealin' with you house niggaz
Fuck 'em all, fuck 'em all, they all ain't authentic
I'm givin' out a few bars, this shit a short sentence
Short and simple, be good with your people
Be greater with God, know the government lethal
I tend to be in tinted vehicles every few evenings
But even if my ceiling missing niggaz still couldn't see me
Ok you fuckin' with the right one
Not the type by your side soon as the light come
I'm talkin them who got it in when we ain't had nothin'
Before I share cake with a snake, I treat myself to crumbs


[Hit Boy]
I watch niggaz speak on niggaz like this industry cold
So I'm bundled up for winter cause this industry cold
Niggaz want to walk in your shoes, but ain't got the soul
I'm James Brown with a beat, got the feelin' I'm on
So here I stand cause this money comes with amnesia
When you the man understand every fan needs ya
Stay out the way Diplo, cause I'm mad decent
When your friends turn foe, angels amass demons
But still my halo low, ain't talkin' Anaheim
All this time that I sacrifice in the darker [?] tryna get that light
Be a disappointment if I ain't get right
But with his annointment I be on that flight
Still findin' hoes that I can bone at night
I admit, I be on that hype
Thanking God I'm the lord of my own vices
Overcharged like the stores still ignore prices
Cause in memories rear view I couldn't ball like this
I was the Bulls in '94, I was so mic-less