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Artist: Wale f/ Rihanna
Album:  Attention Deficit
Song:   Contemplate
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[Verse 1 - Wale]
Dear sweetheart, What's up boo?
What you up to? More club moves?
I call her, no answer
Her phone in the bag, she dancing
Its 4 now, the clubs over
I call her, but oh hold up
Ya'll know what? Ignore button
Or the phone die, let's hope for it
That Damier bag I bought
Caught the attention of those niggas on it
That cell phone that I bought
Is probably filled with some other niggas numbers
So it leaves me to wonder
Why do I still promise to love her?
Cut me off every time I'm talking
Which means she ain't never hear nothing
I say "stay", she wanna leave
She get her point across so I gotta let her be
Ima let her be by herself in peace
But five years from now I bet she see
When the club gets played
The things you crave are no longer escapes
And no longing for dates
You want a husband, but no one has a cape
Now you wondering "wait"
And I ain't trying to hear what you wanting to say
It feels good to be over you, babe
So play this shit while you contemplate
Contemplate, Contemplate, play this shit while you contemplate
Play this shit while you contemplate, HA

[Chorus 2X - Rihanna]
Who am I living FOR?
Is this my limit?
Can I endure some MORE?
Chances I'm giving, Question existing

 [Verse 2 - Wale]
Them people, they talking
Them lights, they on me
This life I chose
But I ain't know, til I found it
To be honest, I'm modest
One hater for every nigga on it
One day everybody is applauding
The next day you is everybody target
Why bother? Why talk to em?
Where God at? I need to call Him
My knees on the ground, Dear Father
Don't let me break, please make me stronger
How much longer, will it linger?
When my heart is giving, will they believe it?
When my song is over, will they need me?
Watch how quickly they find a new leader
Questioning the whole meaning
In the viper room with just me & River Phoenix
With Courtney Love & Lake Washington
With a note there & I'm picking up reading
This ain't hard, Chris Benoit
Heath Ledger said the +nights+ gonna be +dark+
Feel the size of a Phyliss Hyman note
Apollo theater, I might just not go
Franky Lymon, the lime light gets old
Cold so in a while I'm schitzo
I can't cope, I can't think
I can't breathe, this ain't me
This ain't easy, I'm thinking
Am I doing this for them or me?
I can't think, am I doing this for them or me?

[Chorus 2X - Rihanna]
Who am I living FOR?
Is this my limit?
Can I endure some MORE?
Chances I'm giving, Questions existing