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Artist: Wale f/ J. Cole, Melanie Fiona 
Album:  Attention: Deficit 
Song:   Beautiful Bliss 
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[Chorus: Melanie Fiona] + (Wale) 
Babe, you know it gets no better than this 
It's like sunshine on a rainy day 
It's like a high, could you take me away? 
Take me away, Away, It's a beautiful bliss 
(When you feel like this) It's a beautiful bliss 
(When you spill out hits) It's a beautiful bliss 
(When you fly as a bitch, and you ride with tints) 
(And you aint bothered a bit now, baby) 
[Verse One: Wale] 
Fresh out the airport, fresh out the tan with the clippers 
Like Sean Lippet thinking, hmm 
I'm trying to get it like Shawn get it 
If lord giveth a mill and a MILF light-skinded 
Its slight blemishes and life system 
But I'm giving it Foundation when I write lyric 
That "Anvil" Neidhart minus bright knickers 
Maybe not quite the star but my hearts in it 
When Bret Hart meet Brett Favre 
A +sharpshooter+ well exceeding any +figure four+ 
You see my figure more or less six or more 
I invest then my larynx and lungs and this voice I project 
My pro-ject is like what pros inject 
And nigga's so fly I should be droved in jets 
It's ironic they call me a fresh breath no joke 
You see them boys sign me to the 'Scope, right? 
[Verse Two: J. Cole] 
Phone home to the real they wanna' know just how it feel 
Who woulda thought a lil' nigga from the Ville could get a deal 
And tell them niggas at the top we want yo spot we are for real 
And yet we heard you got it locked but like them socks we on your heels 
So you best be on your toes nigga, especially on your flows nigga 
'Cause man they keep on checking for me especially all your hoes nigga 
Catch me on your doorstep, you see me let me in 
All I wanna' do is eat, I'm like the freaky lesbian 
Know all I wanna' do is ball on TV, need ESPN 
They heard I'm bout to blow so all my enemies say, "Let's be friends." 
And all these rappers know just where I'm 'bout to go so catch me then 
Where all the girls that we knew scream, "Fuck you" Gon' let me in 
I'm definitely in a class of my own, at dinner with Hov 
Hoping that he pass the baton, he just pass the Patron 
And he ain't givin' dog is earned, if you just live in dog you learn 
I let you niggas see the light, I'm like the prison yard, I yearn 
For that living large but mama I aint done yet 
Sit back and watch your son rise, kick back and know your son set 
Forever I aint run yet; And never will, Nas told me "Life's A Bitch" 
Pac said, "Fuck The World" and I aint come yet 
You up yet? My punchlines like gut checks, I'm raw, dog, I'm rough sex 
I'm on deck, I'm up next, I'm godblessed, I'm success, So fuck stress 
You can get the fuck from around me 
And if you listening know you wondering where the fuck they found me 
Im from the Ville, boy! 
(Ay Wale, good looking) 
[Verse Three: Wale] 
Another day up in my ES, wish it was an LS 
But e-lastic is my wallet, fuck it 
I don't be stressed like relaxed muscles 
Your feedback aint flexing, Then you can keep it running 
Like a muffler, when we not in summer 
They like A-list actors, they not no stunners 
Too much practice now for me to malfunction 
So any beat that function, I breathe on and puncture 
Leave it like a female Dijon a puncture 
Waiting showing you her beauty if she's naked 
It's like the view of a paintin' or a lake head 
This just how beautiful my day is 
Peep me how I'm raising up the capital for Nathan 
Capital I'm raising like I'm through punctuating 
Or shift keys or an I placement 'cause 
Shifting keys get your capital raised up, Motherfucker 
[Outro: Wale] 
Ha, yeah! Bump it, bump it 
To my beautiful, uhh, this is my beautiful, uhh 
This is my beautiful, uhh, 
Attention: Deficit! Yeah, this is my beautiful, uhh 
This is my beautiful, uhh, this is my beautiful, uhh