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Artist: Wale f/ J. Cole
Album:  Ambition
Song:   Bad Girls Club
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Uh, Ross
(Maybach Music)

[Chorus - J. Cole]
She's a star if I ever seen one (hey-ey-ey)
A perfect ten and Lord knows that I need one
So now I'm under, pressure, I want it bad
She got something, I never haaad
I see ya lookin at me (hey-ey-ey)

[Break - Wale] - w/ ad libs
Bad bitches get low
Bad bitches get low right now
Bad bitches get low
Bad bitches get low right now

[Verse 1 - Wale]
Wale and we are not the same
Got bread in the diesel, got diesel in the jet
Roc/Rock Steady, me and my nigga Cole
Leave me a couple minutes, you leave me a couple hoes
Quite gifted, ambitions of life livin (yep)
Despite living with more attention than light skinned, women
Okay you think a nigga shallow
You probably think I get ‘em all with the cash flow
Actually I like a broad that can bag hoes
That's how I rope 'em all down, see my last ho/lasso (work)
Blast off (work), get involved
Gas women then return ‘em like a rental car
That's one show (haha), that's fifty large
Nigga I just glow, bright as any DeBarge (haha)
I'm just tryin to get ya comfortable
And it's amazin what some liquor and a blunt'll do (work)

[Chorus] - w/ ad libs

[Break] - w/ ad libs

[Break 2 - J. Cole] - w/ ad libs
Please show love (show love), make way for the bad girls club
Please show love, make way for the bad girls club

[Verse 2 - J. Cole]
Hey, Cole World, down for whatever
Boy got dollars, pounds or whatever
Bein broke in this saditty ass world
Still found a way to get pretty ass girls
Killin y'all niggaz, any last words?
Guess you didn't play the game right
Hey girl, before you throw it at me (uh)
You gotta make sure ya aim right (uh)
Red dots 'cause I'm red hot - seen
But damn girl ya smokin
I get paper like a mailbox - seen
But girl ya got me open
Proceed, pocket full of G's
Kush, baby mama-less, yeah no seeds
Blow trees like a hurricane
Dang, if looks kill, then ya murderin, dang!



[Break 2]

[Verse 3 - Wale]
I am what you want 'cause you like what I make
I am what I am and you is who I say
Go where you ain't been, no reservation
And most hoes be so-so when they hold no make-up
Yeah, I got the flow that they know is the truth
It's gettin ugly in here, guess I colored the booth
After the club, gettin you open
And I'm talkin, passenger action, I'm pullin you over
And you walkin, after the fact, just knowin it's over
Now tomorrow you sober wishin you ordered a soda
I am more than the dopest, I'm forever improvin
They can't fuck with ya boy like a BYU Cougar
They 22's or something, I'm brutal as a bazooka
And when the smoke clears don't you dare ask who could
Or who did, 'cause I did, bitch I'm here and I'm it
And I'm is what you ain't, who's iller? I'll wait
Hold up, Ross

[Chorus] - w/ ad libs


[Maybach Music)