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Artist: Waka Flocka Flame f/ Drake
Album:  Triple F Life: Friends, Fans and Family
Song:   Round of Applause
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{*sips drink empty, rattles cup full of ice*}
{*Waka burps*} Excuse me
...Shawty was ooh! {KY Engineering}
Aight, let's go in the club, man
Ay, Roy you got some..?
Yo, how many ones you gettin, bruh?
Aight, fuck wit me, I'll see you in there

[Chorus: Waka Flocka Flame]
Round of applause, baby make dat ass clap
Drop it to the flo', make dat ass clap
Round of applause, baby make dat ass clap
Drop it to the flo', make dat ass clap
Lemme see you, bus' it, bus' it, bus' it, bus' it
Bus' it, bus' it, baby drop it to the flo' and -
Bus' it, bus' it, bus' it, bus' it
B-bus' it, bus' it, d-d-drop it down and just...

[Waka Flocka Flame]
Bounce dat ass, shake dat ass like the Twerk Team (Whoo!)
Hair long, ass phat -- shawty mean (Flocka!)
Dat girl look like Halle Berry when I'm on them beans (Rosaaaaaaaay!) 
When I hit the scene, girls yellin and they scream
(C'mere!) "Flocka, can you be my baby daddy?" (Yes!)
Pimpin like I'm Dolemite, hoes jump in my caddy (BOW!)
Smoke like I got cataract, in the strip club throwin up them stacks
Got racks on top of racks (Racks, racks, racks)
Bust that pussy make dat ass clap, clap, clap (Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop!)
I ain't done wit'chu, baby bring that ass back
Still got twenties, still got fifties, even got them hundreds
Throw some money, throw some money, I'ma let it go
Waka Flocka Flame better known as Mr. Let-It-Go


Uhhh~! Bus' it like you can't afford a car
You a star, you look in the mirror, you know who you are, right?
Cool, take it low, take it way lower than that
I fly private when I go, ain't no layover on that
Yeah, I made it to the top, took a seat, still sittin, mayne
I'm up in stadium in D.C., still tippin, mayne
She coulda paid tuition five times, still strippin
I just throw a couple bills and she'll have a pair of heels?
Oh no, there I go, magic trickin on yo' ass
Throwin every president except for Nixon on yo' ass
Make you rich, I feel like I should make commission on yo' ass
Wonder what you'd ever do if I went missin on yo' ass, huh?


[Waka Flocka Flame]
Throwin up stacks, OMG, SMH when I'm on that stage
Pourin Rosé all on her ass, a round of applause, baby pop that pussy
Drop it down for me, girl do a split
Do you smoke, girl? Got a Zip?
White Rémy Martin, who wanna sip? (Rosaaaaaaaay!) Fo'-five on my hip
But I came one deep and every word I say is slurrin (Whoo!)
Vision, man, is blurrin (Whoo!), drunk too much liquor (Flocka!)
Smoke too much weed, bitch I'm on too much E
In love with strip clubs, shawty I'm a big tipper (FLEX!)
Two hundred, then I pull down my zipper -- UGH!
Shawty say she want me and wanna meet my crew
Squad, niggaz know we go hard, Squad