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Artist: Waka Flocka Flame f/ Diddy, Gucci Mane, Rick Ross
Album:  O Let's Do It's 12'
Song:   O Let's Do It (Remix)
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{Ooh, L-Don}

[Intro: Diddy] (Rick Ross) {Gucci Mane}
(Real niggaz) {Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah...}
Ayo, ayo Waka (Boss!) {BURR~!!}
(Free Gucci!) {GUUCI!} Y'all ain't expect me to fuck wit this one
I see you, boy (Let's turn the temperature up on these niggaz again, nigga)
Y'all must've forgot, I started this shit
Yeah, check this out

[Diddy - Verse 1ne]
I got my billions up, fuckin with dem white folks
Now I don't give a fuck, 'cause I'm richer than dem white folks
Lamborghini trucks, y'all ain't even seen it yet
Bought me Teterboro just to Diddy bop and land my jet (Ahhhhhh-OWWWWW!!!!!)
I'm-I'm hustlin out of Harlem, Paulie Castellano (Don't stop)
Bitch, I am a problem, I just bought the Delano (That's right)
Pimpin in my convo, bitches come in combos
Pictures of Christopher on my wall all in my condo
I don't fuck with fake hoes! All I touch is J-Lo's 
All I drink is my shit, Ciroc by the case load (Let's go!)
Movies is my next shit, two mil on my necklace
Bad Boy - 80 million motherfuckin records! 

[Rick Ross - Verse 2wo]
I fucked my money up... I bought another Rolls Royce
to pick my homies up... my top back like "Oh boy"
Step yo' game up... You ridin nigga, hold on
I switched the game up.. One stack that's for the whole zone
That's thirty-six a kilo, BITCH, I think I'm Nino
BITCH, I think I'm Scarface, BITCH, I'm Al Pacino
Flippin my lil' C-notes, painted my new Benzo
Took my bitch to Red Lobster, I cain't feed no friends, hoe!
Bitch, I'm on my high horse, jewels I rock I die for
'cause that shit that I bought, shoot yo' ass that's my fault
Bitch, I'm on this asphalt, money makin be the thing
Bitch, I'm on my last straw, them choppers always do the thing

[Chorus 2X]
O let's doooooo it
Hey - o let's doooooo it 
Hey - o let's doooooo it
Drug dealin music
Hey - I influence
Hey - I influence

[Waka Flocka Flame - Verse 3hree]
I FUCKED my money up -- (Damn!) 
Now I can't re-up
Ran up in his spot (spot) 
Just to get my stacks up
Now I'm back on deck (deck)
So shawty, what the FUCK you want?!
Heard he talkin shit (shit) 
But this ain't what the FUCK he want! (Flocka!)
Lock my CEO up, now it's back to coka
Niggaz talkin shit brah, hang 'em by the rope-a
Hit 'em wit the choppa, call dat shit hot llama
Call me waka Flocka, a/k/a Young wild Nigga
A/k/a Young Drug Dealer
Got purp, got kush, got pills, got white
In the trap all night, wit the hard and soft
Stacks on the flo', watch {?} boy whip it
Shook it to the left then he shook it to the right
So Icey, Brick Boys, got it all night
These lame ass niggaz ain't got no fight
Kick in my door we gon' shoot out all night {*echoes*}

[Gucci Mane - Verse 4our]
I stack my money up, Brick Squad we so g'd up
I'm countin cash in my office, sippin coffee with my feet up (Wooooow)
Haters sendin threats, like they want beef but dey know dey don't
Meet Flocka at the dealership, I told him get what the FUCK you want (Well damn!)
They locked my homeboy Verne up, 1999 for murder
Now niggaz claiming Zone 6, that I ain't never heard of
Hit you with the carbon, but why when I got shooters?
You heard Gucci was locked up, but that was just a rumor! (GUCCI!)
Got purp, got pills, got lean, plus I got powder for you snorters {*snorts*}
You wanna find me, I-20 to {EAST ATLANTA, GEORGIA}
I send my female shooters {*mwah*}, that rock-a-bye baaay-baaay 
1017 shawty, in my hood we got them AKs'