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Artist: William Cooper f/ 9th Prince, Nature
Album:  Beware of the Pale Horse
Song:   Bring it Back
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

[William Cooper]
And they think the new president is gon' save the globe
It's time to realize it's just another barcode
And I ain't pledging allegiance to fifty demons on ya flagpole
Rubberband banks keep police on a payroll
But reading Bible paper to cleanse my soul
Shine like thru the darkness so the seeds will grow
Meanwhile we still at war with the NWO
Paint a picture of pain for those who walk that road
Crack Da Vinci's Code before the Earth explode
Being stuck in purgatory is worst than facing death row
My guardian angel just got off a parole
With the gangsta stroll, yeah that's my ace in the hole
Now I'm back on the streets, lawyers found a loophole
The prosecutor's face froze like he had an eightball in his nose
I'm still breathing, still inhaling that dro
Still conversate with the Lord to keep blood off my clothes

[9th Prince]
I'ma lyrical assassin, two ghost faces on stage
Henry Bolte dressed like masked men
Fresh out of prison
I had to make a decision that left seven niggas dead in a max pen
It's time for a change in the government policy
How could they possibly say this is democracy?
Arrest the president and build pyramids in all ghetto residence
Watch for the black serpent in the clown behind the curtain
Government officials I be murking
Put me in hell and the devil I be cursing
Perform open heart surgery like the first black surgeon
'By Any Means Necessary' like Malcolm X
Put the man in a suplex
Wallstreet tryna starve the people
And having them look like anorex
9th Prince, double-09, you suspect!

(Hook) Cooper
Bring back the power to the people
Bring back the power to the people

Yeah! QB! Nate! Yo!
Ayo, rich thug, young black American
My job be on television, bigger than your religion
In the hood where the crumbs feed the pigeon
The bums be the bitches
The niggas needing tickets to the ....
To the shows, I can do for free
But instead I charge niggas some stupid fee
It's a J-O-B, you cannot go wrong
Shit a terrorist will play in an iPod bomb
Before they, take a bus, take a plane
Think again, if you think you can do it
Nigga, than take the pain cuz its worst than tattoo
The president knows about a modern day devil dressed in regular clothes
Ready to strike the second that they think we weak
Saying their last goodbyes when they think we sleep
I don't ever sleep, nigga be on Thorazine
Around the bed keep a full keg of kerosene
Ready to blow!

(Hook) Cooper